Built for Community

"This is one of, if not THE best use of technology I've seen in tabletop gaming." - Flaming Dice Reviews

Expedition is the first fully open source app and card roleplaying game.

Expedition has a vibrant international community working to constantly improve your adventure experience. With a normal board game, you buy it, play it a few times and get bored of it. But with Expedition: The Card RPG, you can:

Expedition RPG adventurer character player

Create your own quests and play quests written by other commuity members.

roleplaying RPG card game

Design your own cards so that you have the perfect enemy, adventurer or loot for your next RPG quest.

RPG loot treasure gold

Add new features to the app, fix bugs and create entire new RPG games built on top of the Expedition engine.

And much, much more...