The Final Insult [The Vault #3]

In our first two weeks, we met Bigren the Bitter, a barkeep sporting a dislike of the Adventurers, and explored options we could give the players to respond to his rancor.  In week 3 we complete our tawdry tale of alehouse animosity, giving Bigren some teeth to make the Adventurers take him seriously.  By adding our familiar "> Roll a [roll]" code in the Quest Creator, we can make Bigren's choice result in a consequence for the party.  I've included some suggestions in parentheses next to Bigren's action.

Bigren’s dislike has brought him to…

  1.  …commission a thief to steal from their rooms. (Failed roll: Discard 1 Loot Item. Succeeded: Capture the thief.)
  2.  …hire a Nightblade to assassinate the Adventurer he dislikes. (Failed roll: Combat. Succeeded: Surprise round.)
  3.  …rub the bedding in your room down with poison ivy. (Failed roll: Take 2 damage. Succeeded: Detect and avoid the ivy.)
  4. …spit in their drinks.
  5. …try to poison them. (Failed roll: Take 4 damage. Succeeded: Detect and avoid poison.)
  6. …put a diarrhetic in their drinks. (Failed roll: -2 to all rolls next combat. Succeeded: You've befouled Bigren's business. This is its own reward.)
  7. …eavesdrop on their plans. (Failed roll: Add extra Tier to next encounter. Succeeded: Feed him false info. Reduce Tier level by 1 next Encounter).
  8. …start rumors about the Adventurers. (Failed: Stores charge extra 20%. Succeeded: Get 5% off Inn bill.)
  9. …arrange for prostitutes to besmirch their reputations.
  10. …hang effigies of the adventurers behind the bar. (Failed roll: -2 to next Magic Ability roll. Succeeded: Snatch the effigies when Bigren isn't looking.)
  11. …hire a witch to hex them.
  12. …deny them rooms in the Inn, because “it’s full”.
  13. …"gift" them a Tier I Loot item (that will automatically roll a “1” when used).
  14. …"gift" them a "charm" that will actually raise the first adventurer reduced to “0” hp as an enemy Zombie.
  15. …spray them with musk of horny dragon. (Failed roll: -1 to all rolls for the next game day, as you anxiously scan the sky for dragonsign. Succeeded:  +1 to all attempts to charm anyone.)
  16. …accuse them of “offending the gods”.
  17. …give free drinks to any patron who can knock out the adventurer in a barfight. (Failed roll: Combat against 3 Tiers worth of Brigands. Succeeded: Intimidated the patrons enough to avoid combat.)
  18. …try to be a better man and reconcile with you.
  19. …betroth his daughter to another of your rivals.
  20. …choose 2 from the list. 

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The Intrepid Adventurers [The Vault #2]

Last week we played with options for creating an interaction between the Adventurers and an angry barkeep, Bigren the Bitter.  You, oh clever quest author, have established conflict in your story and must now determine which options to give your adventurers to resolve it!  Selecting 2-3 of these allows you to create an "Action Chain" that will prompt roleplaying or a skill check (d20 roll) with a game effect (combat, Loot gain or loss, roll bonus or minus, etc.).

"You respond to Bigren’s glare by..."

  1. Spitting on the floor.
  2. Taunting him incessantly.
  3. Ignoring him.
  4. Staring at his daughter inappropriately.
  5. Talking about how bad this inn REALLY is.
  6. Tipping him generously.
  7. Balking at the price of food and service.
  8. Killing him with kindness.
  9. Reminding him of your exploits and superiority.
  10. Commissioning a passing bard to compose a work of satire about "Bigren the Bumbler".
  11. Entertaining the other guests with your performance skills.
  12. Winking at him.
  13. Accusing him of trying to poison you with his swill.
  14. Giving him cheerful pointers on how to improve his business.
  15. Giving him clearly disingenuous compliments.
  16. Laughing often and obnoxiously.
  17. Starting a barfight.
  18. Enlisting the other patrons in singing a bawdy barsong.
  19. Posing a riddle to him, promising "fortune and glory" if he knows the answer.
  20. Rearranging the furniture to "improve the Feng Shui up in here".

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The Angry Barkeep [The Vault #1]

Welcome to The Vault! Brought to you by Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game, The Vault is a handy place to come for inspiration for your next story or quest. It starts with a prompt, and provides 20 different ways the scene could play out. Feel free to use them as inspiration for your own outcomes or, in a pinch, simply roll a d20 and pick an outcome!

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The prompt below is meant to provide a scene in your quest, warming players up for roleplaying and creating atmosphere and backstory for characters:

"Your party enters the Inn and takes a table near the roaring fire, eager to discuss the job offer you've received.

The barkeep, one Bigren the Bitter, glares as you take a seat.  He dislikes you _______________ ."

  1. …because you rebuffed his romantic overtures.
  2. …for your magnificent hair.
  3. …ever since you won his first inn during a game of dice.
  4. …because you nearly burned off his face.
  5. …for not bathing regularly.
  6. …for your religious beliefs.
  7. …because you only ever drink water.
  8. …for being an atheist.
  9. …because you don’t tip.
  10. …for destroying his parents, after he’d had them raised as zombies.
  11. …because his intended love likes you better.
  12. …for taking an interest in his maiden daughter.
  13. …due to your reputation for brawling in bars.
  14. …for out-drinking him during the Solstice Binge of 217.
  15. …for vomiting in the stew last week.
  16. …because you’re prettier than him.
  17. …ever since you saved him from a horny dragon.
  18. …since you embarrassed him in front of his cultists.
  19. …for staunchly refusing to drink his hideous attempts at home brewed beer.
  20. …because as children you put him in a sack with a porcupine.

Check out The Vault #2: The Intrepid Adventurers for ideas on how to resolve this situation!

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