Around the Campfire [The Vault #26]

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What happens around the campfire doesn't always stay there. Whether as an interlude between locations or the impetus for the beginning of a new quest, strange happenings round the fire can add a lot of character to a quest. Below we offer you 20 options for lighting up the night:

  1. _Nemesis_ (#Nemesis) An archfoe of the adventurers summons an elemental of fire from their very own flame.  It strikes with surprise. 
  2. _Flight_ (#Flight) A cacophony of beasts and birds runs over the adventurers and through their camp, hasty to escape something calamitous. 
  3. _Omens and Portents_ (#Omens) The lambent flames gutter without the presence of wind or rain.  One of the adventurers experiences a premonition of the peril to come. 
  4. _Moaning_ (#Moaning) Moaning begins to come from the darkness beyond the fire, then the sound of shuffling creatures. Zombies or some other undead stumble into the clearing.  Have the adventurers been deliberately targeted? Did they make camp on an ancient burial ground? Do the undead wish to ask the living to complete some task they now cannot, and hence free them (and receive a reward). 
  5. _Refugees_ (#Refugees) Refugees pensively approach and ask to share the warmth and light. From whence do they come and why?
  6. _Wolfpack_ (#Wolfpack) The light has drawn the attention of a starving wolfpack. Normally they'd not approach.  What could compel them to risk harm for food? Something stranger is afoot...
  7. _Thieves?!_ A bumbling member of the gentry stumbles into the adventurers' clearing. Eyes going wide with terror, he takes you for bandits and flings many a precious item to the ground to placate and distract you before fleeing into the night.  Do you take his items or chase him so as to avoid being wrongly accused? He is very fleet of foot.
  8. _Rescue_ (#Rescue) An arrow descends out of the darkness and strikes one of you very near a precious appendage. It appears there is a note attached requesting rescue from yonder high tower... > Struck adventurer takes 2 damage (player with the lowest roll is the victim). 
  9. _Manbane_ (#Manbane) A diverse pack of beasts reveals themselves at the perimeter of camp. You'd not thought you strayed so close to the Dreadwood of Mabus Manbane, dark druid, but perhaps he's branching out...
  10. _Highwaymen_ (#Highway) It seems you've drawn of the attention of ne'er-do-wells.  Are they good men fallen on desperate times or evil ones preying on the weak? Will you take the risk of finding out?
  11. _Illicit Wares_ (#Wares) A scruffy, bleary-eyed merchant enters the clearing. He seems to think you might be interested in his narcotic diversions. 
  12. _Storm_ (#Storm) A fierce thunderstorm breaks upon the encampment. Avoiding lightning strikes and falling hail will be your first concerns, then there will be the chill--if you can't restart that fire. 
  13. _The Law_ (#Law) The local constabulary loudly barges into camp, demanding the immediate surrender of "The Band of the Red Hand".  They have the drop on you, with weapons already drawn in fists quaking from nervousness.  Will you attack or cooperate with the clearly confused local authorities?
  14. _The Book_ (#Book) As payment for recent good deeds, an old crone gifted you a book she claimed had secrets to great power. You crack open the book.  Will you read aloud the words, Klaatu barada nicto...?
  15. _Gypsies_ (#Gypsies) A caravan of gypsies approaches with the sounds of tinkling bells. Do you share the clearing? Will sneaky children's hands lighten you of Loot? Will you dance with dusky eyed beauties? Accept the invitation to have fortunes told? Vie with the men in a contest of knife-throwing? 

Modern Themes

  1. _Strange Lights_ (#Lights) Strange lights appear in the sky and approach. Moments later a shaft of light shines forth, lifting you toward the dim outlines of the dreadful craft...
  2. _Something in the Woods_ (#Squatch) A series of strange wood-knocks comes from the distance. A sound like a screaming baby makes the hair on your neck rise.  You must investigate, but you may regret it.
  3. _Drug War_ (#Drugs) You didn't anticipate this campground would end up being contested by two gangs, or that you'd get caught in the middle. 
  4. _Trespassing_ (#Trespass) Several pickups pull into the clearing, disgorging smug and malicious looking men.  Several dogs growl from beneath their choke collars.  Seems you've come to private property and have to party with the owners.  They'll give you a headstart...
  5. _Lagoon_ (#Lagoon) You picked a nice spot near a lovely Lagoon. When some of you go swimming, a terrible surprise reveals itself.

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A Return to the Vault and Forge!

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Dear adventurers and authors, we've been on hiatus from our weekly editions of Quest and Forge while we prepared for the Origins convention and our next expansion. Those under our belts, we'll be resuming our old schedule of releasing a Vault or Forge every week. Look here for a new edition of "The Vault" tomorrow!

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Putrefying Poisons [The Vault #25]

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The natural world is full of substances of boon and bane. This week we provide you with twenty poisons and their effects. Perhaps you wish to add one as a specialized Surge event to a Beast Encounter card, or coat the blade of another foe with it.  Maybe a lock, trap, or book has a dusting of the stuff the adventurers must spot, counteract, or avoid with a skill check.  

Some creatures deliver poisons or venoms by their bite or sting, but others exude the substance through their very skin or via odor. An adventurer engaging in melee attacks might be subject to an effect just by being near enough to attack. Of course, once a poisonous creature is slain, the adventurers may be able to acquire or craft an item exploiting it from the carcass. If you wish to allow your players this option, a Craft (:magic: or :melee:) or Healing skill check should be required to gain the effect. On a failure, the would-be crafter has fallen victim to the poison. 

A nice touch on the quest writing side is to provide a way (choice) to counteract a poison. Perhaps pouring wine over a contact poison nullifies it, or a Knowledge or Gather Information check could provide an adventurer with the foresight to prepare an anti-venom or remedy. 

As always, we've provided formatting for Quest Creators so they can copy and paste the entries easily into quests, making an instant screen of its own (you'll still need to link it to other parts of your quest through standard pathways). 

  1. _The Scarlet Spasm_ (#Spasm) A cloud that tinges the air with faint scarlet hues, the spasm causes involuntary muscular contractions. > :Melee: and :ranged: ability users suffer the critical failure effect on ability cards if they roll a regular failure. 
  2. _Spirit Sight Venom_ (#SVenom) Members of the Ghost tribe believe this snake venom imparts the ability to see the realms of spirit. Are the spirits real or not? > While under its influence, any ability or skill roll of 5, 10, or 15 causes a failure, as the poison's victim reacts to the appearance of a spirit (Roleplay this!).
  3. _Lethargy's Kiss_ (#LKiss) Secreted by a slug common to the region, this ooze induces somnolence in those it touches. > Victims don't play an ability every 4th round OR suffer -3 to a skill check. 
  4. _The Bleeder_ (#Bleeder) A favorite of assassins everywhere, it thins the blood. > When a victim takes damage, increase :health: lost by 1 each time. 
  5. _Numbtouch_ (#Numbtouch) Sometimes used as an anesthetic by the Fae, the Duergar delight in coating protected treasure in it. > The effect of this poison grows worse with time. Victims suffer a cumulative -1 to physical skills and all ability rolls until counteracted (Heal check 13+) or 5 rounds/screens have passed, after which it quickly dissipates. 
  6. _Hallucination's Haze_ (#Haze) Produced by some molds, it can afflict others if breathed while being burned or when eaten. > Any skill or ability roll of 5, 10, or 15 results in the victim mistaking a fellow adventurer for a demonic villain. The victim attacks their fellow once (play an ability if this is triggered during a skill check). 
  7. _Creeping Death_ (#CDeath) An insidious poison coating the thorns of some Fae rosebushes... > Make an Endurance (:melee:) check of 13 or above to avoid losing 1 :health:. If you fail the first check, suffer another point of health loss each round/screen until 3 rounds have passed or a Heal :magic: check of 13+ has been made. 
  8. _Falling Darkness_ (#FDarkness) Victims behold the rapid narrowing of their vision, until sight leaves them entirely.  > :Melee: and :magic: abilities suffer a cumulative -1 to rolls each round. :Ranged: abilities suffer a cumulative -2 to rolls each round.    
  9. _The Rictus Mask_ (#RMask) Sometimes used as a paste to remove wrinkles, this salve can have horrifying effects in high doses. > All skill checks involving social interaction suffer a -5 to the :roll: .
  10. _Dust of Transference_ (#DTrans) This curious dust has the quality of grounding magical energy. > If an adventurer coated in the dust uses a :magic: ability or :loot: item, they suffer the full effect of the ability instead of the original target. 
  11.  _Jester's Flux_ (#JFlux) A favorite of tricksters, it has robbed many a haughty noble of dignity. > Any movement risks loss of bowel control. Vigorous motion (ie combat) ensures it. If control has been compromised, the victim automatically fails all checks to sneak by creatures and suffers -3 to social checks. 
  12. _Crooner's Cry_ (#Crooner) A curious substance that induces singing. > During combat, a roll of 12 or below on the ability check means the victim must randomly draw a :music: ability and replace the ability initially played with the new :music: ability.  
  13. _Heroe's Bane_ (#HBane) The spray of the scare skunk of Scarpathia, it induces an instinctual flight response. > When an adventurer or creature would attack, it must :roll: a 10+ to succeed. On 9 or below, it panics and tries to flee instead (suffer -1 damage this round). 
  14. _BolsterBlight_ (#Bolster) Sometimes with great strength comes great pain> Inflict +3 damage on a played :melee: ability or a creature's attack, but the user/victim suffers an additional 4 health of damage at the end of the round.
  15. _The Ringer_ (#Ringer) Often slipped into a drink to make a mark easier pickings later on, an oppressive ringing in the ears makes hearing impossible. > The victim cannot benefit from the next :music: or :influence: effect and fails the next check dependent on hearing. 
  16.  _Erotic Panther_ (#EPanther) Sprayed on a victim, sixty percent of the time, this scent works every time... > All characters and creatures in the vicinity must :roll: a 10 or above to avoid unnatural attraction to the victim (roleplay this). 
  17. _Oedipal Angst_ (#Angst) Delivered by food or drink, this causes irrational rebelliousness toward anyone in rightful authority. > Victims must :roll: a 12 or above to resist opposing the next legitimate authority (a liege lord, officer, social superior, boss, etc.) they encounter. Roleplay the opposition but it must result in a failed action or outright attack (if either is an option).
  18. _Delusion's Dust_ (#DDust) It inspires gross overconfidence. > Victims cannot use :loot: (why would they need to?!) and must play the ability each round that has the highest required risk :roll: .
  19. _Insidion_ (#Insidion) This poison inspires feelings of inferiority and paranoia. > Victims must play one :loot: item each round if they possess any and always play the ability each round that has the lowest risk value.  
  20. _The Howler_ (#Howler) Favored by tribes of imps, this goo coats their darts, ensuring they won't escape. > On a failed :roll: of 9 or below, the victim starts baying at the sky (roleplay this!). All attempts at stealth automatically fail. 



First Round, First Blood...[The Vault #24]

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We know there are some tactically oriented players out their that have been itching for some realism and movement dynamics. We're not going to throw miniatures your way, but what we can offer you and Authors this week are some ideas for how to spice up your encounters by introducing some strategic mechanics for the first round of combat, before everything would naturally devolve into chaos and the fog of war.

You might use these (or introduce them to quests) in the following ways:

  • By adding a skill roll to determine if the party can pull one of these off. 
  • By presenting a few as tactical options the party can choose at the beginning of a combat encounter.
  • Have the enemy use one. Or maybe adventurers and foes can use one each, so long as no one suffered from surprise on a Spot or Notice check.
  • Use them for unit based army skirmishes or battles (ideas for how to do this will be forthcoming in a future Vault and/or Quest).
  • Introduce them into Player vs. Player battle.

Whatever you do, for the sake of play balance we urge you to think of them as a once per encounter, first round Surge (they'd also be ideal for small party play).  Only one should be chosen by the party (even if not all party members participate in the maneuver), to avoid bogging down play.

  1. _Ambush!_ (#Ambush) Someone is getting taken by surprise! > Each participant may choose one foe. The ambushed individuals does not get to resolve Abilities or damage during the first round. 
  2. _Shield Wall_ (#Shield Wall) The ultimate in defensive tactics. > For each participant in the wall, reduce damage taken by 2. Each player may discard a :melee: card to add +1 damage to enemies this round. 
  3. _Diversion_ (#Diversion) Draw their attention. > Designate one or more individual as the diversion. They are the only individuals that suffer a Surge or Ability effect this round. (Can be used on the first Surge round only). 
  4. _Pincer Attack_ (#Pincer) Two attack the target from its flanks. > Gain a +2 to each roll. If the final total of the roll would be 20 or above, apply the critical effect. 
  5. _Encirclement_  (#Encirclement) Strike from all sides! > For each individual that attacks the same target, apply +1 to :roll:s and damage. Any failed :roll: results in an ally taking the effect of the failed ability. 
  6. _Sword and Shield_ (#SS) The measured application of offense and defense at once. > Must discard a :melee: ability to use. Reduce damage you suffer this round from all sources by 1. Deal 2 damage to one foe. 
  7. _Break Formation_ (#Break) By scattering, the group disrupts a coordinated attack. > Lower the Tier Value (against Encounter cards) by 1 per participant or subtract -1 from rolls per participant (against Adventurers) until the next Surge event, then reset all to normal.  
  8. _Charge!_ (#Charge) Bold ferocity may carry the day... > Negate any passive damage reduction of one targeted foe and deal 2 damage for each participant. Discard a :melee: ability to target a second foe. 
  9. _Brace_ (#Brace) Brace to absorb a blow. > Suffer 1 less point of damage this round.  Discard an :Influence: card to negate all damage that would be done to one other party member.  
  10. _Running Retreat_ (#RunRet) Flee! > For each participant, remove 1 Tier worth of Encounter cards from combat. Each participant may discard one :ranged: or :magic: card to increase the Tier level removed by +1.
  11. _Holding Action_ (#Hold) Jam up the enemy advance by holding your ground. > Increase the damage each participant suffers by 1 this round, but reduce the damage of all other party members by 2. Participants may discard an ability to deal 1 damage to one foe.  
  12. _Sword and Sorcery_ (#SSorc) Shock and awe, sorcery and steel. 
  13. _High Ground_ (#HGround) Better leverage, better vantage point. 
  14. _Narrow Pass_ (#NPass) Champions square off in the gap. > Choose one adventurer and one Enounter card. Only those participants can use any offensive abilities/attacks this round. 
  15. _Pit Trap_ (#Pit Trap) Spiked, deep, and cleverly concealed. > Make a Notice (:ranged:) check of 10 or above.  On a failure, one falls into the pit for 3 damage OR the loss of ability play this round. 
  16. _Flanking Action_ (#Flank) Come at em sideways! > Gain a +2 to the next ability :roll:.  Discard a :ranged: card to deal +2 damage as well.  
  17. _Spider Hole_ (#Hole) The ultimate jump scare. > Make a Craft (:magic:) or Survival (:ranged:) check of 10 or above. On success, each participant gains +2 on the first roll and +1 to damage. 
  18. _Cavalry Charge_ (#CavCharge) Ride them down! > Make a Ride (:melee:) check of 10 or above. On success, each participant may deal one foe damage equal to half the roll, but takes damage equal to the Tier Value of the foe. 
  19. _Disarm_ (#Disarm) Take from them the means to fight. > Discard an ability card to reduce all damage done this round by 1.  Gain a +2 to :roll: against the targeted foe next round. 
  20. _Trip_ (#Trip) Taken em down! > Choose an opponent (only one per adventurer). That Encounter card's first Surge doesn't occur until the 4th round, not the third. The participant may also discard a :music: ability to increase damage dealt by other adventurers to that tripped foe by +1. 

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Abominable [The Vault # 23]

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The Horrors wait. They ruled once. Whether they left or were driven away is unknown. What is certain is that they wish to return. Some say such a return is inevitable. Woe to all mankind if that is true...

This week we finish up our cycle dealing with the Horrors. Below, partake of 20 Titles to add flavor and terrible power to these new antagonists:

  1. _The Gibbering Dread_ (#Gib) It belches a cacophony of mad voices, which can be stemmed only by death. > :Music: and :Magic: abilities suffer a -2 to rolls while the gibbering thing lives. 
  2. _The Grotesque_ (#Grot) Hideous to behold, this thing's insides are on the exterior. The smell matches the sight. > All abilities used against it except :Influence: and :music: suffer a -2 to :roll:. 
  3. _Half-Dead_ (#HalfDead) After eons even death may die...this one is waking again to life. > Reduce Tier by 1 and hp by 3. 
  4. _The Unhinged_ (#Unhinged) Some of the Horrors are cold and calculating, others quite mad. > Gains +1 damage to attacks. Every other round :roll:. On a 10 or above it attacks another encounter card in addition to the :adventurers:. 
  5.  _The Raving_ (#Raving) Compelling in its terror and power, for the line between madness and genius is a fine one. > :Influence: abilities suffer -2 to rolls while the raving one is alive.
  6. _Mindeater_ (#Mindeater) Bodies aren't the only things that can be devoured. > Every :adventurer: who rolls a 5, 10, or 15 on an ability suffers a loss of 1 Persona. The Mindeater gains 2 hp from each Persona devoured. 
  7. _Contagion's Consort_ (#Contagion) It's mere glance inflicts weakness upon others. > The :adventurer: with the lowest roll each round suffers -1 to rolls and loses 1 hp. 
  8. _Dream Dweller_ (#DDweller) Even if vanquished physically, it'll continue to haunt you. > Physical death doesn't destroy it, only banish it for a time. 
  9. _The Chained Lord_ (#ChainedL) It has one foot in this world, but is still partially chained in another. > Each round :roll: once before resolving damage to adventurers. On a 5, 10, or 15, the :horror: can't deal damage to one adventurer.
  10. _Realm Reaver_ (#RReaver) Space warps about it. > When an adventurer :roll: a 5, 10, or 15, their ability affects another :adventurer: as well as the intended target. 
  11. _The Servile_ (#Servile) Cowed in mind and spirit, it knows only to serve strength. > An :adventurer: with max Persona can intimidate it into service or flight on a :roll: of 10 or above. 
  12. _Soul Stealer_ (#SStealer) It keeps what it kills. > Slain :adventurer:s become Tier 1 :horror:s the round after being reduced to 0 hp. 
  13. _Many Mouthed_ (#MMouthed) So many fangs, so much hunger... > Any :adventurer: making a :melee: attack against the Many-Mouthed suffers 1 hp damage.
  14. _Gelatinous_  (#Gel) It would be easy to drown in its depths. > The :horror: has 2 fewer hp. Those attacking it with :melee: abilities or who take damage this round suffer an extra point of damage. 
  15. _Nightmare_ (#Nightmare) It seems to take the form of what you fear most. > Any :adventurer: attacking the Nightmare this round suffers -3 to their rolls. On a 1, they also lose their next action (in addition to whatever normal ability failure occurs). 
  16. _Terror Tyrant_  (#TTyrant) Fear is the foundation of all tyranny, and often its motivator, too. > The first round of combat, :adventurers: below base persona cannot use abilities. 
  17. _The Inscrutable_ (#Inscrutable) How does one defeat a foe with unreadable features?  > All :adventurers: suffer -1 to all rolls against it, both combat and skill checks. 
  18. _The Compelling_ (#Compelling) It seems to know your every mood and intention and is unperturbed by all. > Its allies increase in Tier value by half while it lives (do not round up). 
  19. _The Devourer_ (#Dev) Fear not the one who can devour only the flesh, but the one who can consume both mind and soul...> On a :roll: of 5, 10, or 15, on abilities, :adventurer:s lose 1 :loot: or 3 hp. 
  20. _Fleshfuser_ (#FleshF) Slamming into one of you, the :horror: begins to meld with you. > The adventurer with the lowest ability :roll: is bound to the creature, taking half the damage dealt to it next round.  

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Violations [The Vault #22]

The Vault Icon - Beige.png

You've had the Horror expansion for a while now, so we thought we'd do another themed Vault in that vein. The Horrors wield reality warping powers, from corruptions that break the laws of biology and physics to those that warp minds and souls. Use the twenty Violations below against your adventurers, place them on otherworldly objects or as environmental effects in Dreamlands or alien vistas.  Or tempt adventurers with power and taint them as they metamorphose into something horrible. 

  1. _Inversion_ (#Inversion)  Right is wrong. > Successes become failures and vice versa.
  2. _Upending_ (#Up) Up is down. > Gravity is reversed for one round. All :encounter: and :adventurer: cards incapable of flight fly up, then fall, suffering 3 hp damage. 
  3. _Weightlessness_ (#Weight) There are few limits to motion for the weightless. > It traverses walls and ceilings with impunity. All ability :roll: suffer -1 against it. 
  4. _Consubstantial_ (#Cons) Two lives are bound as one. > One encounter foe cannot be slain until its soul-joined partner is also reduced to 0 hp. 
  5. _Phased_ (#Phased) It isn't wholly in this reality. > The Encounter card takes no damage this round. 
  6. _Unfated_ (#Un) This creature writes its own destiny. > Adventurers must reroll abilities and take the lower of the rolls. 
  7. _Improbable_ (#Im) Death should have taken it long ago. > The round the wielder of this power would be reduced to 0 hp, cancel all damage taken in the "fatal" strike. 
  8. _Grand Inversion_ (#Inv) Harm heals... > All damage dealt to the wielder of this power becomes healing this round, and all healing becomes damage. 
  9. _Degenerator_ (#Degen) It warps minds like water warps light. > Increases in persona this round become decreases. 
  10. _Timewalker_ (#Time) It moves with incredible speed. > Resolve the :horror:'s surge ability twice this round. 
  11. _Immovable_ (#Imm) Brute force seems not to have the intended effect. > The :horror: suffers -1 damage this round from :melee:, :magic:,  and :ranged: abilities. 
  12. _Spacebending_ (#Space) It is not where it should be. > Damage dealt to the wielder is done to the adventurer with the lowest roll this round instead. 
  13. _Bilocation_ (#Bi) It is in two places at once.  > Increase the Tier Value for one round by a sum equal to the value of the :horror:. 
  14. _Transferance_ (#Trans) The mind and the body are one... > Persona loss becomes hp loss this round, and hp loss becomes Persona loss. 
  15. _Nonlocality_ (#Teleportation) Did it just flee or is it toying with you? > No damage can be dealt to the :horror: this round. 
  16. _Anti-Ethereal_ (#Ether) Magic rolls off it like water. > :magic: and :loot: don't work this round. 
  17. _Entropic Being_ (#Entropy) Nature abhors it... > Any adventurers that didn't take damage this round take 1 hp of damage. The :horror: gains those hp as healing. 
  18. _Incorrigible_ (#Inc) In its presence minds cannot be moved. > :Music: and :influence: abilities do not work this round. 
  19. _Strengthstealing_ (#Str) The physical is illusory... > :melee: and :ranged: abilities do not work this round. 
  20. _Uncanny Mimicry_ (#Mimic) It learns with preternatural alacrity. > Choose one of the adventurer abilities that succeeded last round. The :horror: plays that ability against the adventurers this round.    

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Predatory Universe: Beast Plots [The Vault #21]

The Vault Icon - Beige.png

The wild hungers.  It's driven by blood, hot on the tongue, thick on torn flesh and spattered on the ancient bones of the earth. Countless lives have passed unremembered into the maw of annihilation. When the veneer of civilization is stripped away by the primordial laws of nature, who will survive?

This week we offer you some plots to use with the "Beast" encounter type. Unlike every other type used thus far, beasts lend themselves less to dialogue or other interaction other than physical conflict (unless you endow them with speech and intelligence, as in Narnia--which we suggest in some plots below). We recommend these be paired with exotic locations and numerous Tracking, Notice, or Survival checks, for natural environments are not the home of civilized men.  Outside the cities, the beast holds the native advantage.  Face the Predatory Universe in these 20 Beast-based Plots:

  1. _The Maw of Winter_ (#Maw) Starvation is the true foe during an extended trek through tundra. The native beasts are particularly interested in human food.
  2. _The Lost Boys_ (#LBoys) Children are being taken alive by a beast, but where to? Will a brave adventurer consent to having their shape shifted to that of a small child and then allow their own abduction? 
  3. _Natural Enemies_ (#Nat) The adventurers witness two groups of beasts at battle, only to discover they can now understand their speech. Can they reconcile the two warring animal clans? How did they gain this ability, and more importantly, why?
  4. _Call of the Wild_ (#Call) A secret society has invited the adventurers to undergo their Initiation Ritual. If successful, much status, treasure, and prestige will be theirs. If they fail they may die. > Begin play without :loot: and only 4 abilities (no draft play). 
  5. _The Boar Hunt_ (#Boar) The liege lord of the adventurers has invited them on a jovial hunt for boar. There is much drinking. Are you seeing double the boar, or are there really two of the deadly beasts?
  6. _The Cursed Span_ (#Span) An invasive species of shrieking eels has crossbred with flying fish. Now the most magnificent bridge in the known world--one vital for trade and commerce--has become a nightmarish killing ground. Can the adventurers transport cargo across the cursed span?
  7. _Bounty_ (#Bounty) A bounty has been placed on dangerous game. Eventually, though, the adventurers will discover the collector of specimens has intentions that aren't in anyone else's best interest.
  8. _Ratcatchers_ (#Rat) An outbreak of deadly plague necessitates culling the booming rat population. Even a tiny bite could prove fatal, but someone must do the deed and the prince is paying handsomely...
  9. _From the Deeps_ (#Deep) Legend tells of a creature lured into an old mine years ago, when villagers could not kill it.  Now children who were playing around the shaft have gone missing. Can they be found and saved before the creature devours them?
  10. _Uprising_ (#Uprising) Wherein dangerous floods drive hordes of rats and vipers to higher ground, and rising waters aren't the only peril facing the party. 
  11. _Endangered Species_ (#Species) A hideously wealthy noble hires you and another adventuring group to accompany him on a "hunting expedition". Only later does the party realize their employer wishes to kill the last members of an endangered species.  Will they become complicit in the extinction or contend with their employer and his other bodyguards? 
  12. _Hawking with Friends_ (#Friends) A leisurely hunt gets real when the adventurers' hawks return, enlarged by magic, and dropping other beasts that attack.  Who has played this deadly prank, and what lengths will you go to in order to restore your birds to proper size?
  13. _Big Game_ (#Game) A group of intelligent, speaking animals has deprived the adventurers of arms and armor, then subjected them to the indignities of a deadly hunt. Will they be able to regain their scattered gear in time to turn the tables on the deadly predators?
  14. _Bearbaiting_ (#Bear) The most popular (and illegal) gambling enterprise in the city is an underground bear-baiting ring. When tasked by the authorities to find it and bring its organizers to justice, the adventurers may run afoul of bandits and beasts alike. And what will they do when one of the beasts speaks to them in human tongue? 
  15. _The Familiar_ (#Familiar) A wizard contracts the adventurers to recover his animal familiar alive, only to find the creature doesn't want to return and has learned some magic of its own along the way.   
  16. _Trappers_ (#Trappers) The adventurers receive a commission to stop illegal poaching in the King's Forest. The beasts are anxious and riled, but the greater threat may be the profusions of traps, snares, and human hunters.
  17. _Skin Trade_ (#STrade) Under threat of dire snowstorms, the adventurers resolve to outlast the ice and sleet at a camp of fur traders known to them.  They arrive only to find a bloody shambles and that the deceased traders' own skins have been taken. Will they stay in the blood-slicked shelter in spite of the ominous holes leading to caverns underneath the camp or risk the fury of the storm?
  18. _Gaia's Revenge_ (#Gaia) Long having tolerated the irresponsibility of humankind, with one will and surprising cunning, all the creatures of the wilds have risen against men. Packs of bears and wolves rampage through streets, making it as likely one will be trampled by the panicked as fall by tooth or claw. 
  19. _Of Beasts and Men_ (#Beasts) Fighting for their country on a distant field of war, the adventurers contend with fell beasts under thrall of the foe's potent Archmage. Will they show mercy and restraint when battling the compelled creatures or slaughter them without thought, plunging the ecosystem of the region into imbalance? Can they win through to stop the Archmage and break the enchantment?
  20. _Red of Tooth and Claw_ (#Red) A powerful circle of druids has awakened from ancient slumber and cursed all humankind. With each kill the adventurers slowly turn into the predatory, bloodthirsty animals their actions reflect. Can they confront the druids and break the curse before the metamorphosis is complete? > Create a simple chart with body parts assigned to number rolls. After each kill, change some bodyparts into animal features. Deprive them of abilities as appropriate (certain #melee when they lose hands, #magic if they lose speech, etc.). 

All in the Cards...[The Forge #10]

The Forge Icon - Beige.png

Hail Quest Crafters! We're tackling something completely different today--how to make your own cards in the Card Creator. It's fast, it's easy, and it lends endless variation to Expedition bounded only by your imagination. Let's get to it!

The first thing we'll do is go to the Card Creator from the webpage and also the Example Card Sheet in which we'll need to enter all our data.  As the Github guide states, copy that sheet into your Google Drive folder (File--> Make a copy).

Below we've chosen the "Loot" subsheet/tab at the bottom of the Google spreadsheet and created our custom Loot in each of the fields.

We do want to warn you that there are two scripting conventions you may have used in the Quest Creator that may cause you some problems if you use them in the Card Creator:

  1. In the Quest Creator we've used the :music: script to get a music icon to appear.  Use of : in the Card Creator will cause the text afterword to be placed all in CAPS, it will NOT get us an icon.  If we want the icon for music to appear in the Card Creator, we need to use a # prior to the type of icon we want.  So #music gets us the desired icon in the Card Creator. 
  2. If you leave an empty row between entries (ex. you delete everything in "joined chant" row in pic below), nothing beneath the empty row will appear in the Card Creator.

After we've made all our cards, we want to select the URL at the top of the page of the Google Sheet and copy it.


After we've made our Google sheet, we want to go to our browser window where we have the Card Creator opened. You'll notice at the top right-hand side of the sheet there is a drop-down menu. We want to select "Custom".  It will give us a box where we will paste the URL to our spreadsheet.  That is shown below:


Now that we've pasted our URL, we need to reload the page. If we want to narrow down our look at our created cards (say, to look only at the "Loot" sheets), we can select the card type from the drop-down menu at the top left, but we need to refresh the page from the reload button by the URL at the top left, NOT from the icon next to the ? icon on the right. 

And just like that, we have our new Loot items, the Scroll of Precision, Gauntlet of Change, and Quiver of Elemental Arrows, as you can see below...


Easy peasy, just as we promised.  It takes far less time and learning than creating a quest for the app (though we have shown a way you can quickly craft a quest in about 70 minutes, or come up with a mad-lib style plot for GM-mode [no app] in about 15 minutes). 

Now print those cards from the web with Ctrl+P or Command+P . If you're running Expedition as a GM instead of from a created quest in the app, this is a perfect way to add new enemies, abilities, and Loot.  Maybe now you'd consider crafting an adventure to share with the community!  Show off those shiny new cards!

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