The Fae Folk [The Vault #9]

The Tuatha de Dannan. Faeries. The Sidhe. The Fae take many forms and have motivations as myriad as the images in a hallway of mirrors. As Autumn deepens this November, we'll focus on these mercurial, mighty, and mythological creatures. This week we present you with twenty Titles to add personality to the Folk. 

For an unexpected twist, apply one or more of these to an existing quest you are playing but may not have written. Merely roll a d20 and apply the Title and effect to one Encounter card.  

In a coming edition of the QuestCraft video tutorials, we'll show you how to use the suggested mechanic when you are writing advanced combat encounters. 

  1. …the Mercurial (Maiden). Emotion is a powderkeg in a thunderstorm. > When encountered or on each round :roll:. On 10 or above, heals adventurers for 1 hp/Tier. On 9 or below, attacks the adventurers.
  2. …Trollkin. Don't talk about its mother. > Gains a second Surge ability in addition to their normal Surge. “Regains 3 hit points”.
  3. …BeastfriendThey know where the Wild Things are. > Immediately draw a Beast Encounter card of 1 tier below the Fae's tier level. It will fight beside the Fae. Then update the Tier value. 
  4. …the Mad. One mushroom was too many. > When encountered or on each round :roll:. On 11 or above, attacks another enemy for 1 hp/Tier. On 10 or below, attacks the adventurers as normal.
  5. …Lord of Illusions. While they live, you'll not know what to believe. > Every other round, adventurers :roll:. Whoever rolled lowest finds their ability misses one intended target (they choose which, if multiple targets were designated).
  6. …Satrap of Stone. With skin as stony as their heart...> This Fae's stony skin reduces damage from each attack by 1 point. 
  7. …Count of Curses. Spite comes naturally to some. > Each round this Fae may curse an adventurer, who suffers -3 to the next ability roll.
  8. …Nightshade Knight. Skilled with lance and limb. > Every round in which a :ranged: or :melee: ability is played, draw a random ability of that type from the deck and play it against the adventurers. 
  9. …Midwife of Murder. Some think her an incarnation of Death. > Whenever an enemy or adventurer is slain, deal 1 damage to one remaining adventurer (lowest roll or party choice). 
  10. …Childtaker. Slavers of the worst sort. > Has a stolen child they hold hostage. All rolls suffer -2 to hit. On a critical failure, the child is killed.
  11. …Formchanger. Of flesh and form most malleable... > Use the Surge ability from the Shapeshifter card in addition to the normal Surge, or add a second form this Fae takes before it may be defeated (if already a Shapeshifter). 
  12. …GravefriendIt's best friends are dead. > Draw an Undead encounter card one Tier lower than this Fae's tier and add it to combat. 
  13. …Enchanter/Enchantress. They really aren't so bad... > One the first round, the player with the highest ability roll plays their ability against the player with the lowest roll instead of the intended enemy.
  14. …Banbound. You have its kryptonite. > One of the Loot items possessed by the party can be expended to deal an additional 2 points of damage (in addition to its normal effect) against this Fae. 
  15. …Bondtaker. It can't hurt all of you. > Choose one adventurer [or highest roll]. All of its attacks deal 1 less damage against that adventurer.
  16. …Judge of Fire and Water. Here comes Hell and high water. > Any use of loot or an ability with "fire" or "water" in the name results in the adventurer using it suffering 1 damage. 
  17. …Banefoot. An enemy to all mortal life, leaving smoking ruin in the wake of each step. > Deals an extra point of damage each round.  
  18. …Hexmaker. Spinning ill fortune like some weave yarn on a loom. > Any loot gained from this encounter is cursed. It deals 1 damage OR 1 Persona loss to the user in addition to the normal effect.  
  19. …Ironfriend. Most Fae fear iron. For some, the normal rules don't apply. > Suffers 1 less damage from all :ranged: or :melee: abilities. 
  20. …Bellbreaker. With spite born of harmful harmonies, it strikes. > Any adventurer using a :music: ability suffers either a -3 to rolls or a loss of 1 Persona. 

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Haunts Unhallowed [The Vault #8]

In the final Undead installment, we provide 15 locations to harrow and perplex your adventurers. With each we suggest a skill check to avoid peril or uncover reward. With skill checks, you can tell players to add bonuses to rolls based on their Adventurer card or the number of abilities of a certain type in their hand (ex. 3 Melee abilities grants +3 to athletic rolls). For example:

Athletic Skills = Melee Abilities.
Knowledge Skills = Magic Abilities.
Perception/Stealth Skills = Ranged Abilities.
Performance Skills = Music Abilities
Social Skills = Influence Abilities.
Sanity/Will Check = current Persona.

  1. Hall of [zombie] Hands: Hanging from the walls by the hundreds, most of the hands remain motionless. Every now and then one twitches and jerks, as though dreaming. > Roll a :roll: to pass stealthily by. On failure (below 10) hands equal to the number rolled awaken and scuttle to attack.
  2. Skull Solarium: Wherein the most brilliant minds are kept and discourse without end. > Roll a :roll: to learn an important fact. On success (above 10) gain +3 on the next roll OR increase Persona by 1.
  3. Sorrowskin Spire: Layer upon layer of skin wreaths the tower, the sickening sight and cloying, oily smell threatening your very sanity. > Roll a Persona check to avoid creeping madness. Below a 10 results in loss of 1 Persona.
  4. BoneBreaker Bay: The fury of the sea has swept so many doomed ships into the jagged crags of the bay broken bodies and ships are left to rot. > Roll a :roll: to search for Loot. On a 15 or above, draw 1 Loot each (at random). On a 1, suffer 3 points of damage from the throttling surf. All other rolls, draw 2 Tier 1-3 Undead and begin combat. 
  5. The Traitor's Tower: From which hanged men swing like flags. > Climb to Tower to avoid the guards inside. Roll a :roll: to succeed. On 10-14 you succeed but suffer loss of either 1 Persona or 1 Loot. On 9 or below fall, suffering 4 damage. 
  6. Deathfeast Dungeon: A charnel house meets your eyes, half-eaten parts of human bodies strewn about floors and tables, a feast for the Undead. > Roll a :roll: to search for Loot. Those rolling 15 or above, draw 1 Tier 1 Loot. On a roll below 7, suffer a loss of 1 Persona. 
  7. Parlor of Pain: Normal parlor contain tapestries. This one is adorned with the terror filled victims of torture, a constant reminder of the brutality and madness of this place. > Roll a Persona check to avoid being rattled by the sights. Rolls below 10 result in loss of 1 Persona.  
  8. Well of Whispers: Filled with the bloated bodies of the drowned. You think you hear something echoing up from below... > Choice: Listen to the voices OR Refuse to listen, go on by. If players chose to listen, :roll: a Perception check. On 10 or above grant them a +2 on the next combat roll, the voices having foretold them what awaits. On 9 or below one falls into the well and must fight a Zombie or Undead Viking, suffering -2 to rolls while in the well.    
  9. Observatorium Ossuarium: This high observatory affords an excellent vantage point over the countryside. It is built entirely of ivory bone. Should its secret be discovered, it can be used to see out of the eyes of any dead skull.  
  10. Terrorwrought Towers: Built by slaves shackled to zombies. The desperate living labor still, goaded by the undead. Will you free them? Dare you risk the wrath of the zombies? > Choice: Sneak by OR Free the enslaved. Combat on second option.  
  11. The Skin Cellar: Wherein scrolls are written on the skins of once thinking beings. > On a successful search (roll of 12 or above) draw a scroll Loot item or Magic ability you may use once, as though it was Loot. On 11 or below suffer loss of 1 Persona or a -3 to the next roll.   
  12. Hall of Heads: Fine stone shelves line this hallway, both lined with severed, preserved heads. They both look and leer down upon you, as though you are the specimens on display. To your horror, one begins to speak an incantation against you... > Draw an offensive Magic ability and play it against the adventurers. Afterward, the head so speaking can be retrieved, though there is no guarantee it could be used against one's enemies.  
  13. The Bonepile: A vast and ancient trash heap outside the city. Secrets, loot, and the occasional undead can sometimes be found amid the massive midden heaps.  
  14. The Grand Gallows: Reserved for traitors to the realm and vile criminals, mass executions are held here, 50 men at a time. A black market of sorts has sprouted up around it, with traffic in body parts for use by wizards and the curious new breed of men calling themselves "surgeons". 
  15. The Silver Sarcophagus: It's provenance and true age unknown, the Sarcophagus is the size of a temple. Some whisper it once held a body that would be considered giant among the giants. None know how to find entry or what is inside. > A series of explorations or knowledge checks may reveal a way to enter the Sarcophagus, or the things one may find inside. 

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Of Curses Most Foul [The Vault #7]

The Evil Eye. The Death Curse. The Hex of Shaman or Necromancer. Long has the threat of "the Curse" bedeviled mankind. Whether as a consequence for bad behavior or as a plot device of its own, curses afford much in the way of flavor for quests. Indeed, the lifting of a curse has been the whole impetus for many a tale and could be a quest in itself.

Perhaps the adventurers have been cursed or are helping an innocent who has. Perhaps you wish to give them the power to bestow a curse (so as to prevent player on player combat or make player deaths more dramatic).

Curses can be excellent opportunities for roleplaying. 

Below are 20 curses, along with suggestions or mechanics for possible use in your quests:

  1. The Mooncurse. Just your standard lycanthropy...or is it? > Turns the adventurer/victim into a werewolf after 3 failed rolls in a quest. Draw and substitute the Werewolf Encounter card upon the 3rd failed roll. The victim can be subdued by bringing them to 2 hp.  
  2. The Curse of the Murdered. A testament to the power of last words.  > Record the damage taken by the bestower on their last round. The victim will take that amount of damage every time they initiate violence during an encounter (only max. of 1 per combat). 
  3. The Lover's Lament. Jilted or betrayed, the heart bleeds nonetheless, and now another must bleed too. > The victim of this curse suffers -2 to all rolls to interact with people. 
  4. The Oathbreaker's Bond. In Soviet Russia, vows bind you. > Once per quest when dealing with a character, the victim rolls a :roll:. On a 10 or below they later find the character has stolen 1 Loot item from them.
  5. The Warlock's Hex. It's the blackest of magic. > On the 6th round of every combat, draw a random Magic Ability and play it against the victim. 
  6. The Oracle's Omen. The Fates cannot be denied. > The Guide or players should choose a likely event that could occur during the quest. When or if that occurs, the victim fails on one successful roll or suffers a critical failure on a failed roll.  
  7. The Killing Curse. Bestowed on killers and proof that those who "live by the sword die by the sword". > Every round this cursebearer deals damage they take 1 point of damage.
  8. The Prophet's Premonition. Sometimes a threat is also an opportunity. > The Guide or players should choose a likely event that could occur during the quest. When or if that occurs, a failed roll becomes a success and a success becomes a failed roll. 
  9. The Lunatic's Laugh. It erupts at inopportune times. > Once per quest on a roll for social interaction or after rolling a 20 in combat, the laughter takes over. Suffer -3 on the next roll.
  10. The Song of Spite. It clings and stings. > Enemies wounded by the victim deal an extra point of damage to them at the end of the round.
  11. The Harlot's Hex. Herpes! Scabies! Crabs! Oh my! 
  12. The Courtesan's Condemnation. Friends in low places, enemies in high ones... > When dealing with merchants, must pay rates 50% higher than listed in story. 
  13. The Hounding Hex. A divine punishment for cruelty to animals, the victim is dogged (quite literally) by canines both wild and domestic. > During each combat encounter, add a Wolf Encounter card on the second round of combat.
  14. Nature's Blight. Your wrongs against nature have not passed unnoticed. > Magic Abilities used by the victim deal 1 less damage.
  15. The Beast Binding. The smell of you is unnatural. > Adjust the Tier value of combat whenever Beast Encounter cards are played by increasing it by 2. 
  16. The Curse of Earth, Wind, or Fire. It's a pox on all your songs. > Song Abilities suffer a -2 on rolls.
  17. The Hex Most Harrowing. It's the little things that matter. > Rolls to use Loot suffer -2. 
  18. The Wall of Whispers. Even when you're alone, the voices insist you are not. > Suffer -3 to rolls involving social interactions.
  19. The Bilebringer. Some people can't help but speak when they don't have nice things to say. > Roleplay telling a character in the quest what you really think (deception is not possible). 
  20. The Hex of Unceasing Vexation. The day keeps getting better. > -1 to ALL rolls.

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Here's to your next adventure!

Mortal Remains [The Vault #6]

Cursed and enchanted items are a staple of folklore and fantasy gaming. This week twenty remnants of mortality are offered to bedevil your nightmares and quests. Give them as "Loot" to your players or outfit their foes. We've provided a brief description and put the > arrow so you can copy and paste the mechanic straight into the Quest Creator.  

  1. The Indescribable Organ: Putrescent and unidentifiable. > -2 to Melee and Song ability rolls while upwind of it. 
  2. The Everburning Heart: It's not figuratively on fire. > Take 1 point of damage to upgrade an ability with "fire" in the description to a critical hit. A successful first roll is required. 
  3. Necklace of Ears: The better to hear you with. > +3 to listen checks and to avoid surprise. 
  4. Scalper's Cloak: Made of a score of humanoid scalps. > +3 to all attempts to intimidate or coerce NPCs. 
  5. Hand of Glory: Cut from a hanged man, dried, then set afire to enact the magic. > Become invisible for 1 round (take no damage) or on a skill check to avoid notice. 
  6. Tyrant's Tongue: Not as rare as you might think. > When placed in one's mouth, lends a +2 bonus to social rolls or the use of the "Charm" ability once per combat. Roll a :roll: after use to avoid retching. If the roll was below 10, suffer -2 on the next check. 
  7. Death's Head Mask: It comes for us all. > Scare away one Tier I enemy when donning the mask (once per quest).  
  8. Brain Bowl: A pulsing brain lies pickling in this ornate golden bowl. > Roll a :roll:. On a 10 or above increase Persona by 1. On 9 or below decrease Persona by 1.  
  9. Screaming Skull: The watchdog of choice for necromancers everywhere. When it sees you, it calls the (undead) help. > On a failed stealth :roll: draw 2 Tier I or II Undead encounter cards at random and initiate combat. 
  10. The Covetous Eye: An eye on a necklace, ever-peering toward the thing of greatest worth. > Once per quest can be dangled to point towards the most valuable item in a room. 
  11. A Hangman's Noose: The fibers of the rope are greased in taken lives. > Can be used once per quest to make an additional attack. Roll a :roll: at the risk rating of the previous Ability played. On success 1 point of damage is done, or 3 on a "20". On a "1" the owner takes 2 points of damage.  
  12. Damnation Sack: The bones of a man condemned to punishment beyond death. > Unleashed, the bones compose themselves into a Skeleton, which attacks those directed to by its bearer. The Skeleton deals 1 damage per round or can take up to a total of 6 damage in place of an adventurer. When 6 damage is taken the bones collapse.
  13. Zombie Hand Charm: Throw it at a foe and watch it go! > Draw the Zombie Hand Encounter Card and roll a :roll:. On 8 or above the hand strikes and attacks a foe (1 damage per round), 7 or below it misses and scuttles to assault the thrower. Only roll for activation once per combat, not each round.
  14. Liar's Lips: Lips ripped from a face and stitched shut. > When chewed gives a +3 bonus to deceptive speech. The next honest statement is automatically disbelieved.
  15. Rat Charm: Once salted as a snack, now useful as bait. > Once thrown, the salted rat springs to life and runs away (single use). Undead of Tier I or II chase the rat for one round (remove their Tier level for a single round).
  16. Mummy's Shroud: Let's play dress up! > When worn allows one adventurer to impersonate the undead (success on stealth against mindless undead or 1 round of surprise [takes no damage] against any undead). 
  17. Executioner's Hood: Being faceless makes it easier to kill. > +2 to Melee rolls. -1 to Ranged rolls. 
  18. Coffin Charm: Soaked in the terror of one buried alive. > +2 to Song and Influence rolls. 
  19. Sorrow Skin: Taken from the flayed. > -3 to checks involving goodly folk while worn. It protects the wearer from 4 points of damage before being destroyed.
  20. Torturer's Tongs: Plied in flesh and fire. > Play after using a melee or magic ability. Draw a random ability of the opposite to the one played (melee if magic was used, or vice versa) and resolve it this round. The tongs shatter afterword. 

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Unseemly Urges: Undead Plots [The Vault #5]

In our last post we unleashed the Wrath of the Undead with twenty twisted titles to add depth to undead antagonists, both in combat and out. This week we'll continue Halloween themes by offering plot hooks to harrow your heroes. 

  1.  A powerful undead entity seeks to punish long dead enemies further, by raising them as Zombies under his control.  
  2. A Vampire Lord seeks a relic reputed to hold a god's blood. The Arcane College fears it may be the key to the vampire's ascension to divinity.
  3. A wrongly accused man returns from the dead and seeks to reclaim his family's ancestral lands from his incompetent descendants. Will the heroes help or hinder him?
  4. The Imperial Mausoleum has become overrun by a foul force. The Imperial treasures and boobytraps make the undead especially perilous, unless the heroes can turn them against the fetid hordes.
  5. Rumor holds the King has accepted the dark gift of immortal undeath. Can he be convinced to cede the throne to an heir or will the adventurers lead an insurrection against him? 
  6. A cabal of necromancers are raising an army of dead from the cemeteries and catacombs across the land, and now the adventurers must face the risen heroes of yore.  
  7. A Banshee seeks to complete a ritual that will open a conduit to the Spirit World. She can only be harmed by those who've obtained lock of hair from her mortal remains, but graverobbing remains a capital offense. 
  8. The realm's largest city has been embroiled in fighting between two rival gangs. Each has taken up the practice of raising fallen members as undead.  What will happen if the hungry dead come to outnumber the living?
  9. Vampires are gathering en masse beneath a volcanic peak, spared from the sun by its perpetual smoking. What knowledge can such a gathering of ancients harbor and put to nefarious use?
  10. Undead have overrun the neighboring town. How long until they take the next?

The "Final Five" plot hooks take a "Mad Lib" approach to plot creation. Draw the indicated cards randomly from the game deck to create your Quest. 

  1.  A group of three (draw one Undead Encounter Card type) believe that feasting on the flesh of one of the adventurers (mix adventurer cards and choose one at random) will give them the semblance and pleasures of life. They deal 1 extra damage in combat against that specific adventurer, and surge in any round that the adventurer falls to 0 hp. 
  2. A (Tier III Undead or Horror Encounter Card) and a (Tier IV Undead or Horror Encounter Card) war against each other. Each tries to entice the Adventurers to their side, alternating between blackmail, bribery, and threats. 
  3. It is revealed that one of the adventurers (mix adventurer cards and choose one at random) had a twin, separated at birth. They haunt that adventurer now as a ghost. Who killed them? Why was the twin separated? Rest will only come when the truth is revealed. Until then, sleepless nights sap the adventurer's strength (-1 to rolls, hp, or Persona per night). 
  4. The demigoddess of Spring has been abducted by the Lords of Hell. Only a trip to the Underworld can free her and spare the living perpetual Winter. After many travails, the Lords will only accept an exchange of hostages from among the adventurers.  One must stay behind as ransom.  When the encounter with the Lords occurs, mix adventurer cards and choose one at random to determine the chosen hero.
  5. Setup as you would before a normal game (selecting Adventurer, Ability, and Persona cards). The adventurers awaken to find their arch-rival has bested, dismembered, and reassembled them to serve as flesh golems. Now, each one's head sits atop the body parts of their fellows (everyone pass the Persona they chose and 1 ability to the player to their left, and 2 other abilities to the player to their right). Unless and until they reconstitute their original forms, all rolls suffer -2. Each has been sent on a separate, mundane errand by the foe (fetching laundry, bringing the minions to heel, threatening the local constabulary, etc.). Roleplay the interactions. How will players and non-player characters describe and react to the new forms?  To seeing their body parts used by another?  Will all consent to swapping back?  How will they best their rival? Questions, questions...

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Wrath of the Undead [The Vault #4]

Fall is here and Halloween approaches!  For the next month we'll try and help with your Halloween themed quests.

Making enemies interesting can be difficult.  It can also be extremely rewarding to watch your players develop relationships, attitudes, or dislikes toward non-player characters.  Something as simple as a Title hints at a story within a story, using the players' imaginations to do your work for you. 

How did "Ancalagon, Enthraller of the Undead" come by his power, minions, or station?  

Many authors make use of alliteration or titles to "put flesh" on the bones of their protagonists and antagonists.  George R.R. Martin has famously done this in the "Song of Ice and Fire" series (Game of Thrones).  The videogame "Shadow of Mordor" managed to take a rather traditionally boring set of enemies (orcs) and "made it personal" and constantly fresh by refusing to let them remain generic.  Many players found that an orc, by any other name (or rather when given a personal name) is in fact no longer just an orc.

Below are 20 titles to personalize your Undead villains/Encounter cards, each providing a slight modification to spice up combat with existing cards.  After you've given your fearsome fiend a first name (for example, "Ancalagon"), add the title and its modification.  

  1. ...the Corrupter (Killed Adventurers rise as Zombies).
  2. ...the Rotting (This foe takes 1 extra damage from Melee abilities).
  3. ...Zombie Lord (Zombies regain one extra hp when they surge).
  4. ...Vampire Lord (Vampires deal and regain 1 extra hp on surge).
  5. ...Lich Lord (Encounter card plays a Magic Ability at start of Combat).
  6. ...Enthraller of Undead (Increase Tier Value by 2).
  7. …the Magus (Take -1 damage from Magic Abilities).
  8. …the Necromancer (Play the Soulfire Magic Ability on Surge).
  9. …Bloodtaker (Heals 1 damage every round enemies deal damage).
  10. ...Gravemaster (Add an extra Tier 1 Undead Encounter card).
  11. ...Soul Shackler (-1 to all Adventurer rolls).
  12. …the Fetid (-1 to all non-Ranged Adventurer rolls).
  13. …the Shambler (Surges one round later than normal).
  14. …the Clutching Death (Melee Ability misses result in 1 damage).
  15. ...Deathblade (Play the "Whirlwind" Melee Ability at start of combat).
  16. …Eater of the Dead (Whenever an Undead dies, this foe recovers 1 hp).
  17. ...Barrow Lurker (Takes -1 to damage while in catacombs or crypts).
  18. …the Husk (Has 2 fewer starting hp).
  19. …Corpse Tearer (Encounter card plays a Melee Ability at the start of Combat).
  20. …of Dead Eyes (Ranged Abilities deal +1 damage to this foe).

Happy questing!

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The Final Insult [The Vault #3]

In our first two weeks, we met Bigren the Bitter, a barkeep sporting a dislike of the Adventurers, and explored options we could give the players to respond to his rancor.  In week 3 we complete our tawdry tale of alehouse animosity, giving Bigren some teeth to make the Adventurers take him seriously.  By adding our familiar "> Roll a [roll]" code in the Quest Creator, we can make Bigren's choice result in a consequence for the party.  I've included some suggestions in parentheses next to Bigren's action.

Bigren’s dislike has brought him to…

  1.  …commission a thief to steal from their rooms. (Failed roll: Discard 1 Loot Item. Succeeded: Capture the thief.)
  2.  …hire a Nightblade to assassinate the Adventurer he dislikes. (Failed roll: Combat. Succeeded: Surprise round.)
  3.  …rub the bedding in your room down with poison ivy. (Failed roll: Take 2 damage. Succeeded: Detect and avoid the ivy.)
  4. …spit in their drinks.
  5. …try to poison them. (Failed roll: Take 4 damage. Succeeded: Detect and avoid poison.)
  6. …put a diarrhetic in their drinks. (Failed roll: -2 to all rolls next combat. Succeeded: You've befouled Bigren's business. This is its own reward.)
  7. …eavesdrop on their plans. (Failed roll: Add extra Tier to next encounter. Succeeded: Feed him false info. Reduce Tier level by 1 next Encounter).
  8. …start rumors about the Adventurers. (Failed: Stores charge extra 20%. Succeeded: Get 5% off Inn bill.)
  9. …arrange for prostitutes to besmirch their reputations.
  10. …hang effigies of the adventurers behind the bar. (Failed roll: -2 to next Magic Ability roll. Succeeded: Snatch the effigies when Bigren isn't looking.)
  11. …hire a witch to hex them.
  12. …deny them rooms in the Inn, because “it’s full”.
  13. …"gift" them a Tier I Loot item (that will automatically roll a “1” when used).
  14. …"gift" them a "charm" that will actually raise the first adventurer reduced to “0” hp as an enemy Zombie.
  15. …spray them with musk of horny dragon. (Failed roll: -1 to all rolls for the next game day, as you anxiously scan the sky for dragonsign. Succeeded:  +1 to all attempts to charm anyone.)
  16. …accuse them of “offending the gods”.
  17. …give free drinks to any patron who can knock out the adventurer in a barfight. (Failed roll: Combat against 3 Tiers worth of Brigands. Succeeded: Intimidated the patrons enough to avoid combat.)
  18. …try to be a better man and reconcile with you.
  19. …betroth his daughter to another of your rivals.
  20. …choose 2 from the list. 

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The Intrepid Adventurers [The Vault #2]

Last week we played with options for creating an interaction between the Adventurers and an angry barkeep, Bigren the Bitter.  You, oh clever quest author, have established conflict in your story and must now determine which options to give your adventurers to resolve it!  Selecting 2-3 of these allows you to create an "Action Chain" that will prompt roleplaying or a skill check (d20 roll) with a game effect (combat, Loot gain or loss, roll bonus or minus, etc.).

"You respond to Bigren’s glare by..."

  1. Spitting on the floor.
  2. Taunting him incessantly.
  3. Ignoring him.
  4. Staring at his daughter inappropriately.
  5. Talking about how bad this inn REALLY is.
  6. Tipping him generously.
  7. Balking at the price of food and service.
  8. Killing him with kindness.
  9. Reminding him of your exploits and superiority.
  10. Commissioning a passing bard to compose a work of satire about "Bigren the Bumbler".
  11. Entertaining the other guests with your performance skills.
  12. Winking at him.
  13. Accusing him of trying to poison you with his swill.
  14. Giving him cheerful pointers on how to improve his business.
  15. Giving him clearly disingenuous compliments.
  16. Laughing often and obnoxiously.
  17. Starting a barfight.
  18. Enlisting the other patrons in singing a bawdy barsong.
  19. Posing a riddle to him, promising "fortune and glory" if he knows the answer.
  20. Rearranging the furniture to "improve the Feng Shui up in here".

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