FastFun and Endlessly ENJOYABLE

For 1-6 players, 20+ minutes, ages 10+

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Built for Fun

"Playing Expedition is a huge amount of fun." - GeekDad

We created Expedition so that anyone can enjoy roleplaying, whether this is your first RPG or you're a D&D veteran.

After years of playing traditional RPG games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, we realized that roleplaying shouldn't have to take forever. It shouldn't need hundreds of pages of rules, and you shouldn't need a math degree to create a character.

Roleplaying should be about having fun together.

If you agree, you're going to love Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game.

Built for Speed

If you've ever wanted to play RPG games, but said things like "I don't have the time" or "it's too complicated," then Expedition is for you!

If you love tabletop RPG games but no longer have the time to commit whole weekends to a single game, then Expedition is for you!

"Expedition is one of the world’s easiest to pick up RPG systems." - GeekDad

roleplaying d20 dice

Fast to learn, set up and play: Forget hours of setup and planning. Learn to play in 5 minutes - the app takes care of the rest!

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Fast-paced combat: Using the free companion app (available for iOS, Android and web browsers), your party has a limited amount of time to decide in combat (like in a real fight), keeping adventures fast and combat interesting.

RPG enemy magical beast fae monster

Endless Possibilities: Fast doesn't have to mean shallow. Community-written quests and advanced game modes give Expedition unlimited replayability. New quests are published every week and are 100% free!

Built for Community

"This is one of, if not THE best use of technology I've seen in tabletop gaming." - Flaming Dice Reviews

Expedition is the first fully open source app and card roleplaying game.

It's also the first boardgame with integrated, unlimited and free community-generated content at the tip of your fingers.

Expedition has a vibrant international community working to constantly improve your adventure experience. With a normal board game, you buy it, play it a few times and get bored of it. But with Expedition: The Card RPG, you can:

Expedition RPG adventurer character player

Create your own quests, play quests written by the commuity, participate in monthly quest writing contests and earn Loot points.

roleplaying RPG card game

Design your own cards so that you have the perfect enemy, adventurer or loot for your next RPG quest.

RPG loot treasure gold

Add new features to the app, fix bugs and create entire new game modes built on top of the Expedition engine.

And, of course, join the community on our Reddit forum, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and our monthly mailing list.


Official Copy

Professionally printed & includes all accessories (box, dice, tracking clips)

Supports the creation of new game content.

Print and Play

Download and print your own copy of Expedition for free.

We recommend taking the PDF to a print shop and cutting it with a paper cutter, which usually takes 1 hour and costs $9 to $11.