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"By 1:30am when we stopped, everyone wanted more." - Mike Koot, Dungeon Master

“What a fantastic system! I just received the Deluxe Edition and “The Future”… This is the game I wanted Arkham Horror and Pathfinder card systems to be!” - Tom McLain

"I am a chemistry teacher in Dallas Texas and I also sponsor our chess and games club. I wanted to say thank you for creating such an easy to play table top experience. I recently downloaded the print and play version to test out with my students and they had such a good time. It was perfect for our quick hour and half we get to play after school. They have been wanting to play dnd for a while but we never have the time to play. I have since backed the expansion kick starter, purchased a personal copy of expedition. Hopefully if our fundraisers go well this year our club can purchase a few copies as well. We were so thankful for the print to play version and look forward to many adventures. Thank you once again and may Expedition continue to grow." - Jose Delgado, Chemistry Teacher

"I think that this is one of the most wonderful games i’ve played in a while. And i played a lot. I am a boardgame AND role-playing game enthusiast, and i usually try, or buy, a lot of games. Most often than not, i suffer from buyer’s guilt. This time, i didn’t." - Federico Farina, Avid Boardgamer

"You guys have made a phenomenal game. It is truly the future of RPG gaming. Keep up the spectacular work guys. I'm so glad I bought your game." - Shane Williams

"I ran my first RPG. It was great! I've never done that before." - Meg Cassidy, First-Time Roleplayer

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Board Game reviewers

Plenty of professional game reviewers have gotten their hands on Expedition. Here's what they have to say:

"This card game packs all the story, combat and fun of a D&D session into the time it takes to watch an episode of something far less interactive." - Geek & Sundry

"A great introduction to RPGs... the app is a thing of beauty." - Everything Board Games

“An ideal entry point for newcomers to the RPG hobby.” - Game Informer

"A light and easy to play system." - Polyhedron Collider

"Super easy to set up and super easy to play." - Great Moments in Bad Parenting

"One of, if not THE best use of technology I've seen in tabletop roleplaying games." - Brawlin' Brothers

"Expedition may be the best thing to happen to roleplaying since the polyhedron." - Your Table's on Fire

"An excellent way to play RPG's with my family." - Undead Viking

"If you like story-driven games, you should definitely check this out." - Unfiltered Gamer

"Played Expedition is a huge amount of fun!" - GeekDad