The GM's Best Friend

Expedition is a lightweight RPG designed with Game Masters in mind. Enjoy telling stories, but don't want to spend hours balancing encounters and designing NPCs? Check. Someone in your group new to RPGs and intimidated by more complex games like D&D? They'll love Expedition. Didn't have time to prepare a story? Don't worry, we've got your back!


Expedition uses cards and a free companion app to simplify character creation and combat. Get straight into the story - and the action - with less than 5 minutes of setup. You can use the cards to easily create enemies, NPCs and entire stories on the fly - or, tell whatever story you'd like with the Custom Card Creator. If you love telling stories, you can even write stories using the Expedition Quest Creator and share your quests with the world!

Expedition's compact design means it doesn't take up much space on your game shelf - or in your backpack. Which means you can always have it with you in case of a gaming emergency! And the free companion app gives you the unlimited replayability and complex mechanics of games many times its size (and price!). Expedition supports 1-6 players (yes, even solo play!) and has dozens of pre-built adventures ranging from 20 minutes to more than 3 hours. Whenever you want to adventure, Expedition is ready.

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For 1-6 players, 20+ minutes, ages 10+

GM Reviews

"Expedition made my old RPG group reunite and play!" - Allan Bandeira

"Expedition fulfills these two briefs with aplomb. You can be ready in minutes and combat is fast, furious, and fun. Games can last a little as 30 minutes. Expedition also makes for a great introduction for children into the world of roleplaying games." - GeekDad

"This card game packs all the story, combat and fun of a D&D session into the time it takes to watch an episode of something far less interactive." - Geek and Sundry

"Amazing idea. Infinite replayability. Really glad I picked this up for my gaming group." - Amazon customer, 5/5

"Fast became a family favorite." - Dexclan's BGG Review, 8/10


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