Expedition Loot Club

Want to earn sweet, real-world loot while playing and improving the roleplaying game you love? You've come to the right place!


Writing Quests: Every time you write and publish a quest in the Expedition Quest Creator, you earn 100 loot points! (plus a bonus 100 points for publishing your first quest). We also have monthly writing contests with even more prizes. Quests must be at least 1,500 words and abide by the Expedition community and quality standards. We recommend playing through your quest several times to test all branches before publishing. If you have any questions about how to write a quality quest, make sure to check out our documentation and don't hesitate to hit "Contact Us" in the bottom right!

Hosting Events: Simply talk to your local board game store or cafe about hosting an Expedition demo event. Each event earns you 100 loot points! (see "More on Demos" below)

Open Source Contributions: Are you a coder? Want to help make Expedition better? Your first accepted pull request to the Expedition GitHub repository earns you 200 loot points! After that, every PR earns you 100 more loot points! If you run into issues setting up, or want to contribute but aren't sure what to work on, you can always email us at Expedition@Fabricate.io or create a GitHub issue.


View your loot point balance in the Expedition Quest Creator. As you earn points, you can spend them however you'd like on the follow rewards by emailing Authors@ExpeditionGame.com:

100 points: A free set of Expedition stickers

200 points: $10 in Expedition store credit, or a copy of Expedition: The Horror

400 points: $25 in store credit or a copy of Expedition

800 points: $50 in store credit or a signed copy of Expedition & Expedition: The Horror

1,000 points: Play a game of Expedition with the creators

Have ideas for other rewards you'd like to see? Let us know!

More on Demos

Earning points: Simply email proof to contact@expeditiongame.com - we just need two photos of the event: one including the store sign + a staff member, and another including the same staff member + at least 5 people playing Expedition in the store. You earn 100 points per event. You can earn multiple rewards at a single store by hosting several events at least one month or more apart.

Pitching stores: Make sure to give them a copy of the sell sheet with more information: Download the Expedition Sell Sheet. Most game stores hold frequent demos to build their community and get more people in the store. All you'll need is a place for 6 people to play a relatively compact board game. It always helps to bring a copy of the game to show in person, and be familiar with Expedition's main selling points (on the homepage). In fact, it's a great opportunity to practice your public speaking skills in a low-pressure environment! If you ever have questions about talking to a game store or cafe, please don't hesitate to contact us at Expedition@Fabricate.io

Getting players: You'll want at least 6 people to come for a good demo event. You'll get best results with a few simple tricks: ask the store to put it up on their event calendar and website, post a flyer (example) and have both you and the store post on social media with the event details and logo (make sure to tag @ExpeditionRPG so that we can like + share!)

Running a demo: This is the easy part! Just teach others how to play Expedition like you would at a board game night, walking them through the Learning to Adventure quest. Try to get to know the players a bit - their gaming experience, if they enjoy the acting or combat part of RPGs more, etc - and cater your demo to them. If there are a lot of people, you might have to keep the demo short and sweet so that others can play - but, if the stores quiet and they want to play a second adventure, go for it!

After the demo: Stores interested in purchasing Expedition after a demo can buy it though distributors they already work with. Point them to ExpeditionGame.com/retail for more information, including our distributors list and effective sales pitches.


Suggestions on how we can make the loot club better? Let us know!