Expedition Loot Club

Want to earn sweet loot while spreading the good word of adventure?

Simply talk to your local board game stores and cafes about hosting an Expedition demo event. Each event (with at least 5 people) will earn you one point that you can spend on real-world loot:

1 point: A free set of Expedition stickers

2 points: $10 in cash or Expedition store credit

4 points: $25 in cash, a copy of Expedition, or an Expedition t-shirt

8 points: $50 in cash, or a signed copy of Expedition & Expedition: The Horror


Make sure to give them a copy of the sell sheet with more information: Download the Expedition Sell Sheet


Earning points: Simply email proof to contact@fabricate.io - we just need two photos of the event: one including the store sign + a staff member, and another including the same staff member + at least 5 people playing Expedition in the store. You can earn multiple points even if you only have one game store in town by hosting multiple events at least one month apart!

Pitching stores: Most game stores hold frequent demos to build their community and get more people in the store. All you'll need is a place for 6 people to play a relatively compact board game. It always helps to bring a copy of the game to show in person, and be familiar with Expedition's main selling points (on the homepage). In fact, it's a great opportunity to practice your public speaking skills in a low-pressure environment! If you ever have questions about talking to a game store or cafe, please don't hesitate to contact us at Expedition@Fabricate.io

Getting players: You'll want at least 6 people to come for a good demo event. You'll get best results with a few simple tricks: ask the store to put it up on their event calendar and website, post a flyer (example) and have both you and the store post on social media with the event details and logo (make sure to tag @ExpeditionRPG so that we can like + share!)

Running a demo: This is the easy part! Just teach others how to play Expedition like you would at a board game night, walking them through the Learning to Adventure quest. Try to get to know the players a bit - their gaming experience, if they enjoy the acting or combat part of RPGs more, etc - and cater your demo to them. If there are a lot of people, you might have to keep the demo short and sweet so that others can play - but, if the stores quiet and they want to play a second adventure, go for it!

After the demo: Stores interested in purchasing Expedition after a demo can buy it though distributors they already work with, including ACD and GTS Distribution in the US, Universal Distribution in Canada, Brave New World Distribution in Europe, and HitPoint Sales anywhere in the world. Expedition sells for $29.99 MSRP and is available wholesale for $15. If they have any questions, they can contact us any time at Expedition@Fabricate.io



Suggestions on how we can make the loot club better? Email Expedition@Fabricate.io