Expedition Press Kit

Half board game, half video game, Expedition is the brainchild of Todd Medema and Scott Martin. Expedition streamlines tabletop roleplaying, making it faster and more accessible.

Since then, it's grown into what many reviewers consider to be the best introductory RPG out there. New quests and features are constantly being released by both the creators and community members - at no additional cost to players.

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Expedition in the Press

November 2018 - Expedition makes Game Informers “Best Gateway Games” list

August 2018 - DDO Players reviews Expedition

Jul 2018 - RPGFan reviews Expedition - "There's something for everyone"

January 2018 - Everything Board Games reviews The Horror - "Expedition: The Horror adds new and interesting mechanics to an already-fun game

September 2017 - Kickstarter for The Horror expansion - over $64,000 raised!

August 2017 - GeekDad reviews The Horror

July 2017 - Geek and Sundry

May 2016 - The Original Kickstarter - over $20,000 raised!

April 2016 - Undead Viking reviews Expedition

April 2016 - GeekDad reviews Expedition - "Playing Expedition is a huge amount of fun!"

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