Expedition for Retailers


Expedition is a versatile lightweight RPG that's a hit among numerous gaming audiences. Here's some ways to pitch it to your customers:

  • Solo players: Expedition includes a free companion app thatmakes every game unique and interesting. Go on solo adventures in as little as 20 minutes - or select one of the longer quests, and be entertained for an entire evening!

  • Couples: Unlike other roleplaying games, Expedition's free companion app can serve as the DM - which means you get to play together. Plus, its lightweight nature makes it easy to teach, perfect for couples where one person wants to get the other into gaming.

  • Dungeon Masters: Expedition's lightweight nature makes it perfect for one-shots, introducing new players to the RPG genre, and as a fast, compact filler. There are more than 50 adventures available for DM-less play, and you can also also play in DM mode and tell your own story without having to spend hours balancing encounters.

  • Parents: Teach your kids the joys of creative storytelling and roleplaying with an easy-to-learn RPG for ages 10+. You can tell your own stories, or play one of the dozens of built-in family-friendly adventures (all companion app quests are tagged with age level).

  • Gamers with distant friends: Coming fall 2017, the Expedition companion app will have integrated "Remote Play" capabilities, making it fast and easy to go on adventures with your friends no matter where they live!

Demo Events & Copies

“Every time we do a demo event with Expedition, we sell out of copies.” - Kylie, Games Unlimited, Pittsburgh, PA

Because Expedition is so fast to learn and play (1-6 players in as little as 20 minutes), it's perfect for demo events. If you purchase at least 6 copies, you can also ask for a free demo copy! Just email Expedition@Fabricate.io


Expedition base game: $15 wholesale / $30 MSRP

Expedition: The Horror expansion: $8 wholesale / $15 MSRP

Where to Get Expedition

Expedition games are available on the following distributors:

  • ACD

  • GTS

  • HitPoint Sales

  • Universal Distribution (Canada)

  • Brave New World Distribution (Europe)

  • Directly - if you don't work with any of the above, you can email us at Expedition@Fabricate.io. Minimum order is 6 copies. Upgrade to 12+ copies to get free US shipping and only $10 international shipping (otherwise shipping is $10 US / $20 international).