Expedition for Stores & Retail


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Expedition is a versatile lightweight RPG that's a hit among a variety of audiences. Here’s how to pitch our core player groups:

  • Solo players: Expedition includes a free companion app that makes every game unique and interesting. Go on solo adventures in as little as 20 minutes - or select one of the longer quests, and be entertained for an entire evening!

  • Couples: Unlike other roleplaying games, Expedition's free companion app can serve as the GM - which means you get to play together. Plus, its lightweight nature makes it easy to teach, perfect for couples where one person wants to get the other into gaming.

  • Women & Minorities: We’ve designed Expedition to be inclusive from the start, including shifting focus away from obscure mechanics towards collaboration and removing the over-sexualized character art that is unfortunately still too common among RPGs.

  • Game Masters: Expedition's lightweight nature makes it perfect for one-shots, introducing new players to the RPG genre, and as a filler. There are more than 100 ready-made adventures, and a “GM’s Corner” in app to tell your own story with minimal prep.

  • Busy RPG Players: Love RPGs but don’t have the time for 4 hour sessions of D&D? There are dozens of Expedition quests available that run in under an hour. Want to run your own campaign? The app includes a “GM’s Corner” to help you tell stories with minimal prep.

  • Parents: Teach your kids the joys of creative storytelling and roleplaying with an easy-to-learn RPG for ages 10+. You can tell your own stories, or play one of the dozens of built-in family-friendly adventures (all companion app quests are tagged with age level).

  • Gamers with distant friends: The free Expedition companion app has built-in Online Multiplayer, making it fast and easy to go on adventures with your friends no matter where they live!

  • College students: Expedition is a great, low-commitment way to meet and make new friends.

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Demo Events & Copies

“Every time we do a demo event with Expedition, we sell out of copies.” - Kylie, Games Unlimited, Pittsburgh, PA

Because Expedition is so fast to learn and play (1-6 players in as little as 20 minutes), it's perfect for demo events. Discounted demo copies are available via Hit Point Sales and direct distribution (see below)


Expedition base game: $15 wholesale / $30 MSRP

Expedition: The Horror expansion: $8 wholesale / $15 MSRP

Expedition: The Future expansion: $8 wholesale / $15 MSRP

Expedition Deluxe Edition (include base game, Horror and Future, plus upgraded components): $30 wholesale / $60 MSRP

Where to Get Expedition

Expedition games are available on the following distributors:

  • HitPoint Sales - discounted demo copies available!

  • ACD

  • GTS

  • Alliance

  • Golden Distribution

  • Universal Distribution (Canada)

  • Asmodee UK

  • Brave New World Distribution (Europe)

  • Directly - if you don't work with any of the above, you can email us at Expedition@Fabricate.io. Minimum order is 6 copies. Upgrade to 12+ copies to get free US shipping and only $10 international shipping (otherwise shipping is $10 US / $20 international).