Learn to Play Expedition

It only takes a few minutes to set up a game of Expedition. Let's get started! To play this RPG, all you'll need is:

  • A copy of Expedition (Buy a copy from the Expedition Store, Amazon or print and play your own copy)

    • If you print your own copy, you'll also need a d20 die and a dozen tracking clips (we recommend clothes pins or paper clips)

  • A smartphone, tablet or computer running the Expedition app (available as a web app, and for Android and iOS)

Using the App

The app provides the most up-to-date and detailed explanation of how to play, and can be opened in your browser without a copy of the cards: - simply select the "Learning to Adventure" quest to learn how Expedition is played!

The app provides dozens of adventures for your enjoyment, with new quests being published all the time. You can also write your own quests at

Once you've gotten the hang of Expedition Classic, there are also advanced game modes in the "Tools" section of the app.

Playing Offline / without the App

If you don't have access to a phone, tablet or computer, we also provide a printable sheet with simplified offline rules in English and many other languages.

FAQ / Specific Cards

Some cards have more complex rules than other. Here's some clarifications:

  • Blizzard (ability): The card is correct - it deals double damage if you roll <= 1 or >= 20. Because it damages everything (both enemies and adventurers), dealing additional damage is a double-edged sword.

  • Desperation (ability): If you critically fail and die, you're still revived at the end of combat. (will be changed to "you are knocked out" in future versions)

  • Give and Take (ability): You may take any amount of damage (you decide) up to your current health, and deal that amount to the target. If you choose to take damage equal to your current health, you are knocked out for the rest of the fight, or until healed.

  • Imbue (ability): +5 to target's FIRST roll.

  • Point Blank (ability): Only take damage when other players deal damage to the target after you.

  • Whirlwind (ability): You deal three damage to each target and three (total) damage to yourself.

  • Abilities that reflect damage (i.e. Signal Shot): To see how much damage enemies wold deal you this round, you'll need to jump ahead in the app to the damage screen, then go back to the enemy tier screen.

  • Abilities that let you play additional cards from your hand (i.e. Channel, Careful Aim, Follow Up): Your hand is the three cards you drew. If you run manage to play all three abilities from your hand in a single round, you do not draw more abilities until the next round.

  • Roleplaying roll: rolls that happen outside of combat, such as sneaking past guards. These will be prompted by the in-app quest, or your human guide.

  • What happens when you're dead (or knocked out)? Well, we're not qualified to answer that... but, in Expedition, if you die during combat, you cannot play loot or abilities for the rest of combat, or until healed. Other adventurers may heal you with loot or abilities during combat. At the end of combat, any dead / knocked out adventurers are revived to the same health as the rest of the party.

Questions? Suggestions?

If you have other questions regarding the RPG rules, cards or how to play - or suggestions on how we can improve this roleplaying game - you can email