Beta Questers Banner - Final.png

What is Beta Questers?

  Beta Questers is our new playtesting program to work with our community to develop new cards, mechanics, quests and more. Beta Questers get to try out our newest content before anyone else and help us make Expedition the best gaming experience possible.

How do I become a Beta Quester?

  Want to try out new Expedition stuff before anyone else? Just submit this brief application and we'll get back to you within a few days.

  If accepted, we'll put you on our super secret mailing list, where you'll receive new files to play and feedback forms to share your thoughts! With your valuable input, these cards and quests will be refined and shared with the wider Expedition community. 

What do I get for being a Beta Quester?

 Besides the obvious sneak peak at upcoming releases and ideas, we're always looking for ways to reward our Beta Questers. More oft than not, this will come in the form of loot points so that you can pick up the content you've worked so hard to help us refine. 

  Beyond that, you'll also have the sincere gratitude of the Expedition team and community. By sharing your thoughts with us, you'll make the game better for everyone. Here's to many new expeditions, adventurer! 

-Your Expedition Team