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English language versions:

Tabletop Simulator

Expedition is also available for free on Tabletop Simulator here.

Offline Rules

We recommend using the Expedition App for the best play experience. But, we know that sometimes you want (or need) to be able to play without a phone, which is why we've created printable offline rules in a variety of languages.

More Languages

Expedition Print & Play is available in many languages thanks to community support:

Czech: Cards, Offline Rules

French: Cards, Offline Rules

German: Cards, Offline Rules

Hungarian: Cards, Offline Rules

Italian: Offline Rules

Portuguese: Cards, Offline Rules

Russian: Offline Rules

Spanish: Cards, Offline Rules

Thank you to Sebastien Chapelan for the French RPG translation, Mathias Eck for the German RPG translation, Bela Tajti for the Hungarian board game translation, Daniel Guerra for the Spanish game translation and Dennis Grillo de Albuquerque for the Portuguese translation.

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Card Creator

Want to design your own custom cards? Use the free Expedition Card Creator