Quest Creator Weekly: Improved Design and Example Conversation


This week's updates: win a copy, improved design and an example of how to implement a conversation!

Win a copy

As a reminder, we're giving away a free copy of Expedition to the best quest each week.

This week's theme: time travel

There were no submissions this past week (make sure to hit "Publish" to make it visible!), so nobody won a copy. If you've been thinking about writing a quest, or just have a few finishing touches to put on your quest, this week's a great time to do it! Published quests are due by Sunday at midnight EST.

Improved Design

This week, we updated the Quest Creator experience. Now, when you visit the main page, you're greeted with a much more comprehensive homepage that matches the theme of the Expedition website. Over the coming weeks, we'll be continuing to implement new design improvements and features to make your experience easier and more enjoyable.

Also - we'd love to hear what you think about the new homepage. If anything's unclear, or we could do a better job explaining something, let us know at!

Example Conversation

Here's a quick tutorial on a cool technique you can use to make your next quest even more awesome:

From one of our recent award-winning quests, here's an example of a dynamic conversation (or market, or exploring sequence) where each path may only be taken once. Shout out to Daniel Riddle for sharing this technique with us!

_Conversation_ (#conversationSetup)

// variables that were set during your adventuring

{{sawMagic = true}}

{{haveKey = false}}

You walk into the room and nod to the mage.

_Conversation_ (#conversation)

You prepare to ask the mage a question:

* {{sawMagic == true & _.viewCount("magicQuestion") == 0}} So, how about that magic?

        _About the magic_ (#magicQuestion)


        **goto conversation**

* {{haveKey == true & _.viewCount("keyQuestion") == 0}} What is this key for?

        _About the key_ (#keyQuestion)

        "That's for a door", he says.

        **goto conversation**

_Carrying On_

Having run out of questions, you leave the room.


Until next week,

Todd & Scott