Beastly [The Vault #20]

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We'll finish our cycle of Horror themed Vaults in a month or two, after you've gotten more familiar with the cards and they've lost their gloss, but today we'll give a grooming to a standard Encounter type from the base deck: Beasts!

As part of a Horror-themed quest or game, you could add one of these titles to a beast corrupted by the Horrors. We present twenty Titles to spice up Beastly foes!

  1. _Bristlecoat_ (#Bristle) The arrows and bolts of past victims testify to its deadliness. > Loses 2 hp. Anyone using a :melee: attack against it suffers 1 damage.

  2. _Bonecrusher_ (#Bone) A bone cracked for its marrow dangles from its jaws. > Each round damage is dealt, one adventurer takes an additional 1 point of damage.

  3. _The Ghost_ (#BeastGhost) It makes no noise, and indeed disappears with ease. > The first round of combat, those that fail a Notice :ranged: check equal to 10+ it's Tier are caught unawares and cannot use abilities.

  4. _RazorTooth_ (#Razor) Every sharp tooth gleams in the light. > Increase damage dealt at the end of the round by 1.

  5. _Ironhide_ (#Ironhide) It's thickened, scar covered hide is resistant to damage. > Reduce all damage suffered by Ironhide by 1.

  6. _The Darkness_ (#Darkness) It blends in to its surroundings, making it harder to track and hit. > Non :melee: abilities suffer a -2 to rolls.

  7. _Bloody Maw_ (#Maw) It's been feasting... > All adventurers must make a Persona :roll: equal to 10+it's Tier Value (gain +1 for every level above base Persona or -1 for each below it). On a failure lose 1 Persona.

  8. _The Black Pack_ (#Pack) There are many of them and they've become accustomed to killing together. > Lower each ability :roll: by 1 for each member of the pack.

  9. _The Hounding Fury_ (#Fury) It targets the strongest among you with relentless cunning. > The :adventurer: with the highest hp takes 1 extra damage this round.

  10. _Lockjaw_ (#Lockjaw) Once it bites it won't let go until one of you is dead. > The adventurer with the lowest ability :roll: on the first round becomes the target of Lockjaw. They lose 1 Persona per round until Lockjaw is dead.

  11. _The Screamers_ (#Screamers) The sound of the hunt is terrifying and close, cacophonous and unnatural. > All :music: and :influence: abilities suffer a -3 to rolls. Each round, one :music: or :influence: failure becomes a critical failure (1).

  12. _Poisontongue_ (#Poisontongue) A nasty green froth coats its tongue and teeth. > Anyone taking damage from Poisontongue suffers the effects of poison (we will have a future Vault post with 20 to choose from) or loss of 1 Persona and -1 to all rolls until healed.

  13. _The Clutching Dread_ (#Dread) It wraps you in a crushing embrace. > The :adventurer: with the lowest roll on the first round is tackled. Any attacks made against the Beast also effect that :adventurer: on a roll of 10 or 15.

  14. _The Phantom_ (#PhantomBeast) It's almost supernatural in its ability to strike then fade away. > On being reduced below half hp, choose one :adventurer: to make a :melee: roll. On a :roll: below 10+it's Tier level, it disengages and escapes. On the next combat encounter, add The Phantom to the battle, having restored it's hp to 3/4 full.

  15. _Once-Man_ (#Once) Cursed long ago into the form of a Beast, it has retained its cunning in the ways of men. > The :adventurer: with the second highest ability :roll: each round finds that the beast deftly avoids their attack.

  16. _Deathclaw_ (#Deathclaw) Massive and powerful beyond what is normal for its kind. > Every other round, the two adventurers with the lowest ability :roll: s each suffer 1 hp of damage from the raking claws.

  17. _Eyebiter_ (#Eyebiter) It goes straight for the face, every time. > Once per round, if the :adventurer: with the lowest ability roll takes any damage, they also suffer damage to their eyes. For the remainder of combat anyone so damaged suffers -4 to all rolls (until healed).

  18. _The Ever-Hungry_ (#Everhungry) It's been eating well, and often, though such seems not to have slaked its gluttony. > Two rounds after the first :adventurer: suffers damage, this Beast catches the scent and comes to feast. Add a Beast of Tier equal to the highest already in the Encounter, then update the Tier sum and add another +1 to it.

  19. _The Cursed Pack_ (#CPack) It's said any man that strikes down one of these profane beasts will be plagued by ill luck. > Any time an :adventurer: kills a member of the Cursed Pack they suffer a -1 to all rolls afterward (until the curse has been broken, perhaps with a :magic: check above 10+it's Tier value--only one attempt may be made per quest). Curses are cumulative.

  20. _The Mangy_ (#Mangy) It's been healthier and less irritable... > Reduce the tier value by 1 and reset it.

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Onerous Outlaws [The Vault #14]

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This week we'll begin adding some depth to the "Bandit" Encounter type, with twenty Titles to personify and modify your fearsome felons:

  1. _The Elusive_ They have a way of fading away... > When reduced to 0 or fewer hp, the adventurer who dealt the blow makes a :roll:. On a 10 or below, the Bandit avoids the attack and escapes instead.

  2. _Breaker of Chains_ No chains can hold them. > Deals +1 damage each round in combat, due to hideous strength.

  3. _The Shadow_ Known for striking first from the shadows. > Adventurers must make a Notice :ranged: check of 11 or above, otherwise they cannot use abilities the first round of combat.

  4. _Spell Thief_ A wizard turned criminal, excelling in stealing spells. > Once per round when an offensive :magic: ability is played, if the ability :roll: was below 10, the Spell Thief turns the effect back on its caster (it also doesn't strike the intended target).

  5. _The Craven_ Blusters when things go well, turns tail when they don't. > Flees when reduced to half hp. Update the Tier count.

  6. _The Lightning Lord_ Precise, quick tactical strikes are their specialty. > The first round of combat the Lord and his henchmen inflict +1 extra damage and take -1 damage.

  7. _The Tumbler_ Acrobatics are his forte. > Any ability :roll: less than 12 deals -1 damage against this agile foe.

  8. _Sneakhand_ His sleight of hand is superb. > On the first round of combat, choose one adventurer to :roll:. On a 10 or less, Sneakhand steals 1 :loot: item from the adventurers in the first combat exchange. He can then use it for his own benefit.

  9. _Snaremaster_ It's a trap! > The adventurers must make a Notice :ranged: check on the first round of combat. The adventurer with the lowest :roll: steps into the trap, and suffers -2 to hp and their first ability roll.

  10. _Riddler_ You wish they'd shut up and fight. > On a "solve riddle" check of 11 or above, adventurers deal +1 damage to the Riddler, but on a failed check lose 1 Persona.

  11. _The Brute_ Your blows only serve to enrage him. > Any round in which they take 3 or more damage, they Surge.

  12. _Master of Disguise_ They look so familiar...> On a failed ability :roll:, if it is the first round or a Surge round, the ability instead deals another adventurer damage.

  13. _Halfhand_ In this kingdom they take fingers every time a thief is caught. He's lost more than a few. > Deals -1 damage each round.

  14. _The Tongueless_ His tongue was removed for insolence. > Make a Persona check at the beginning of combat. If the :roll: was 10 or below, you are unnerved and make the next ability :roll: at -2.

  15. _Stumpfoot_ His foot was cut off as punishment for crimes. > This opponent surges every 4th round, not every 3rd.

  16. _The Swift_ He's sooo fast! > Surges every 2 rounds instead of every 3.

  17. _The Fallen_ Disgraced and disowned, even by fellow criminals. > On an Intimidation :influence: :roll: of 10+Tier Value, you can shame them, gaining a +2 to your next ability :roll:.

  18. _Thief Lord_ Truly he is a king of thieves. > The round after each Surge, add a Tier 1 Bandit and upgrade the Tier count.

  19. _The Poisoner_ They coat all their blades with it. > Any round an adventurer takes damage, the adventurer's next :roll: is made at -3.

  20. _The Widowmaker_ Women and children weep at mention of their name. > At the beginning of combat, adventurers make a Persona check. A roll below 9+Tier Value of the Widowmaker results in a loss of 1 Persona, so potent is the fear associated with them.

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