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Violations [The Vault #22]

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You've had the Horror expansion for a while now, so we thought we'd do another themed Vault in that vein. The Horrors wield reality warping powers, from corruptions that break the laws of biology and physics to those that warp minds and souls. Use the twenty Violations below against your adventurers, place them on otherworldly objects or as environmental effects in Dreamlands or alien vistas.  Or tempt adventurers with power and taint them as they metamorphose into something horrible. 

  1. _Inversion_ (#Inversion) Right is wrong. > Successes become failures and vice versa.

  2. _Upending_ (#Up) Up is down. > Gravity is reversed for one round. All :encounter: and :adventurer: cards incapable of flight fly up, then fall, suffering 3 hp damage.

  3. _Weightlessness_ (#Weight) There are few limits to motion for the weightless. > It traverses walls and ceilings with impunity. All ability :roll: suffer -1 against it.

  4. _Consubstantial_ (#Cons) Two lives are bound as one. > One encounter foe cannot be slain until its soul-joined partner is also reduced to 0 hp.

  5. _Phased_ (#Phased) It isn't wholly in this reality. > The Encounter card takes no damage this round.

  6. _Unfated_ (#Un) This creature writes its own destiny. > Adventurers must reroll abilities and take the lower of the rolls.

  7. _Improbable_ (#Im) Death should have taken it long ago. > The round the wielder of this power would be reduced to 0 hp, cancel all damage taken in the "fatal" strike.

  8. _Grand Inversion_ (#Inv) Harm heals... > All damage dealt to the wielder of this power becomes healing this round, and all healing becomes damage.

  9. _Degenerator_ (#Degen) It warps minds like water warps light. > Increases in persona this round become decreases.

  10. _Timewalker_ (#Time) It moves with incredible speed. > Resolve the :horror:'s surge ability twice this round.

  11. _Immovable_ (#Imm) Brute force seems not to have the intended effect. > The :horror: suffers -1 damage this round from :melee:, :magic:, and :ranged: abilities.

  12. _Spacebending_ (#Space) It is not where it should be. > Damage dealt to the wielder is done to the adventurer with the lowest roll this round instead.

  13. _Bilocation_ (#Bi) It is in two places at once. > Increase the Tier Value for one round by a sum equal to the value of the :horror:.

  14. _Transferance_ (#Trans) The mind and the body are one... > Persona loss becomes hp loss this round, and hp loss becomes Persona loss.

  15. _Nonlocality_ (#Teleportation) Did it just flee or is it toying with you? > No damage can be dealt to the :horror: this round.

  16. _Anti-Ethereal_ (#Ether) Magic rolls off it like water. > :magic: and :loot: don't work this round.

  17. _Entropic Being_ (#Entropy) Nature abhors it... > Any adventurers that didn't take damage this round take 1 hp of damage. The :horror: gains those hp as healing.

  18. _Incorrigible_ (#Inc) In its presence minds cannot be moved. > :Music: and :influence: abilities do not work this round.

  19. _Strengthstealing_ (#Str) The physical is illusory... > :melee: and :ranged: abilities do not work this round.

  20. _Uncanny Mimicry_ (#Mimic) It learns with preternatural alacrity. > Choose one of the adventurer abilities that succeeded last round. The :horror: plays that ability against the adventurers this round.

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