Expedition November: $500 Prize, art, and more!


We hope you had a spoooOOOooky Halloween! And thank you to all of the authors that participated in the October writing challenge and earned loot points. If you haven't played in a while, there are now EIGHT new quests for your enjoyment!

November quest writing contest

The $500 NaNoWriMo contest begins! And, just in time, Greg Miller has released the first two Quest Crafter tutorial videos here and here.

We've also updated the Expedition Loot Club so that every quest you write earns you a loot point - plus a bonus point for your first quest! (which can be redeemed for cash and all sorts of Expedition swag).

Art and audio are almost ready

We've been hard at work on the stretch goals for The Horror, include commissioned artwork for each of the new quests, as well as the new combat music engine. Thank you so much to Chris Gebhart, Nicholas Coronado, Brian Dryer, Cory Smith, Greg Miller, JanoNath and Katie Sharkey for their incredible artistic and literary contributions to The Horror!

Here's a sneak peak of the art for "Darker at Dawn," one of the new expansion quests:



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Until next month,

Todd, Scott and Greg