Quest Writers Weekly: The Latest Features and Inspiration


With fall descending upon us, the time for the spooky and horrible is swiftly drawing near. There's just over one week left for you to submit your quests for the spooky quest challenge! Unlike most contests, there's no cap on the prizes here - so if you write two, or even three quests, you'll win two or three prizes!

And then, of course, there's the big one: The $500 November quest writing contest. Hopefully you've started brainstorming and outlining your quest - just remember that you can't start writing the quest itself until November 1st!

Writing inspiration

Excited to write, but not sure about what? Look no further than our weekly Quest Crafter series! Just in time for finishing up your Halloween quests, we have a double episode:

First, shudder in disgust with 20 revolting mortal remains that will haunt your players - or their foes.

Then, explore 20 curses in On Curses Most Foul for creative ways to hex your adventurers.

Feedback of the Week

We've seen a few quests do this really well, and would love to see more do it: Give the players a chance to roleplay and make backstories and motivations for their characters. Set the stage for your players with a few pages describing the world and conflict that they're about to take... and then take a step back as the writers and allow players to roleplay. Here's a great example from the start of the Goin' on a Bear Hunt quest:


New in the App & Quest Creator

We're making great progress on remote play, the music engine, and improved support for multi-chapter quests. And yet we still found time for some improvements!

  • Added a whole new set of icons - Runes!
  • Completed the switch from bracketed [icons] to :icons:, so that brackets can now be used to indicate large art. Try [hound_of_tindalos] and [hound_of_tindalos_full], and then look here for the full art list!
  • Added a handy keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Enter automatically starts playing the quest from your current cursor position.
  • Several improvements to the Quest Creator validator: if it crashes while validating, it now terminates properly instead of spinning forever. Plus, spellcheck and validator errors are now handled separately / persist properly, so that running a validation (which happens whenever you hit "Play from Cursor") or a spellcheck (which happens whenever you type something) doesn't delete the errors from the other one.
  • Improved authentication system for Quest Creator. No longer gets blocked by pop-up blockers, and tries to pre-authenticate you so that the actual sign-in goes much faster.
  • Added a FAQ to the Quest Creator homepage that talks about ownership and allowed genres. If you have any other questions you'd like answered, let me know at!
Courtesy of  WhispersOfTheWyrd

Courtesy of WhispersOfTheWyrd

We're Hiring!

Love Expedition and board games in general? Hip on the latest social media trends? We're looking for a paid part time (2-5 hours/week), remote social media manager with an opportunity to also take on some customer support (if you're interested).

To apply, email with:

  1. Three of your most successful social media posts and why you think they were successful.
  2. Three example posts you'd make for the board game of your choice (one each for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook).
  3. A list of 5-10 hashtags you would tag the posts with, showing the research that you did on those keyword to make sure they're popular but not oversaturated.


We can't wait to play your next adventure!

Todd, Scott and Greg