Of Curses Most Foul [The Vault #7]

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The Evil Eye. The Death Curse. The Hex of Shaman or Necromancer. Long has the threat of "the Curse" bedeviled mankind. Whether as a consequence for bad behavior or as a plot device of its own, curses afford much in the way of flavor for quests. Indeed, the lifting of a curse has been the whole impetus for many a tale and could be a quest in itself.

Perhaps the adventurers have been cursed or are helping an innocent who has. Perhaps you wish to give them the power to bestow a curse (so as to prevent player on player combat or make player deaths more dramatic).

Curses can be excellent opportunities for roleplaying. 

Below are 20 curses, along with suggestions or mechanics for possible use in your quests:

  1. _The Mooncurse_ Just your standard lycanthropy...or is it? > Turns the adventurer/victim into a werewolf after 3 failed rolls in a quest. Draw and substitute the Werewolf Encounter card upon the 3rd failed roll. The victim can be subdued by bringing them to 2 hp.

  2. _The Curse of the Murdered_ A testament to the power of last words. > Record the damage taken by the bestower on their last round. The victim will take that amount of damage every time they initiate violence during an encounter (only max. of 1 per combat).

  3. _The Lover's Lament_ Jilted or betrayed, the heart bleeds nonetheless, and now another must bleed too. > The victim of this curse suffers -2 to all rolls to interact with people.

  4. _The Oathbreaker's Bond_ In Soviet Russia, vows bind you. > Once per quest when dealing with a character, the victim rolls a :roll:. On a 10 or below they later find the character has stolen 1 Loot item from them.

  5. _The Warlock's Hex_ It's the blackest of magic. > On the 6th round of every combat, draw a random Magic Ability and play it against the victim.

  6. _The Oracle's Omen_ The Fates cannot be denied. > The Guide or players should choose a likely event that could occur during the quest. When or if that occurs, the victim fails on one successful roll or suffers a critical failure on a failed roll.

  7. _The Killing Curse_ Bestowed on killers and proof that those who "live by the sword die by the sword". > Every round this cursebearer deals damage they take 1 point of damage.

  8. _The Prophet's Premonition_ Sometimes a threat is also an opportunity. > The Guide or players should choose a likely event that could occur during the quest. When or if that occurs, a failed roll becomes a success and a success becomes a failed roll.

  9. _The Lunatic's Laugh_ It erupts at inopportune times. > Once per quest on a roll for social interaction or after rolling a 20 in combat, the laughter takes over. Suffer -3 on the next roll.

  10. _The Song of Spite_ It clings and stings. > Enemies wounded by the victim deal an extra point of damage to them at the end of the round.

  11. _The Harlot's Hex_ Herpes! Scabies! Crabs! Oh my! > This should be role-played...and worse than a numerical penalty could imply.

  12. _The Courtesan's Condemnation_ Friends in low places, enemies in high ones... > When dealing with merchants, must pay rates 50% higher than listed in story.

  13. _The Hounding Hex_ A divine punishment for cruelty to animals, the victim is dogged (quite literally) by canines both wild and domestic. > During each combat encounter, add a Wolf Encounter card on the second round of combat.

  14. _Nature's Blight_ Your wrongs against nature have not passed unnoticed. > Magic Abilities used by the victim deal 1 less damage.

  15. _The Beast Binding_ The smell of you is unnatural. > Adjust the Tier value of combat whenever Beast Encounter cards are played by increasing it by 2.

  16. _The Curse of Earth, Wind, or Fire_ It's a pox on all your songs. > :Music: Abilities suffer a -2 on rolls.

  17. _The Hex Most Harrowing_ It's the little things that matter. > Rolls to use Loot suffer -2.

  18. _The Wall of Whispers_ Even when you're alone, the voices insist you are not. > Suffer -3 to rolls involving social interactions.

  19. _The Bilebringer_ Some people can't help but speak when they don't have nice things to say. > Roleplay telling a character in the quest what you really think (deception is not possible).

  20. _The Hex of Unceasing Vexation_ The day keeps getting better. > -1 to ALL rolls.

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