Haunts Unhallowed [The Vault #8]

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In the final Undead installment, we provide 15 locations to harrow and perplex your adventurers. With each we suggest a skill check to avoid peril or uncover reward. With skill checks, you can tell players to add bonuses to rolls based on their Adventurer card or the number of abilities of a certain type in their hand (ex. 3 Melee abilities grants +3 to athletic rolls). For example:

Athletic Skills = Melee Abilities.
Knowledge Skills = Magic Abilities.
Perception/Stealth Skills = Ranged Abilities.
Performance Skills = Music Abilities
Social Skills = Influence Abilities.
Sanity/Will Check = current Persona.

  1. _Hall of [zombie] Hands_ Hanging from the walls by the hundreds, most of the hands remain motionless. Every now and then one twitches and jerks, as though dreaming. > Roll a :roll: to pass stealthily by. On failure (below 10) hands equal to the number rolled awaken and scuttle to attack.

  2. _Skull Solarium_ Wherein the most brilliant minds are kept and discourse without end. > Roll a :roll: to learn an important fact. On success (above 10) gain +3 on the next roll OR increase Persona by 1.

  3. _Sorrowskin Spire_ Layer upon layer of skin wreaths the tower, the sickening sight and cloying, oily smell threatening your very sanity. > Roll a Persona check to avoid creeping madness. Below a 10 results in loss of 1 Persona.

  4. _BoneBreaker Bay_ The fury of the sea has swept so many doomed ships into the jagged crags of the bay broken bodies and ships are left to rot. > Roll a :roll: to search for Loot. On a 15 or above, draw 1 Loot each (at random). On a 1, suffer 3 points of damage from the throttling surf. All other rolls, draw 2 Tier 1-3 Undead and begin combat.

  5. _The Traitor's Tower_ From which hanged men swing like flags. > Climb to Tower to avoid the guards inside. Roll a :roll: to succeed. On 10-14 you succeed but suffer loss of either 1 Persona or 1 Loot. On 9 or below fall, suffering 4 damage.

  6. _Deathfeast Dungeon_ A charnel house meets your eyes, half-eaten parts of human bodies strewn about floors and tables, a feast for the Undead. > Roll a :roll: to search for Loot. Those rolling 15 or above, draw 1 Tier 1 Loot. On a roll below 7, suffer a loss of 1 Persona.

  7. _Parlor of Pain_ Normal parlor contain tapestries. This one is adorned with the terror filled victims of torture, a constant reminder of the brutality and madness of this place. > Roll a Persona check to avoid being rattled by the sights. Rolls below 10 result in loss of 1 Persona.

  8. _Well of Whispers_ Filled with the bloated bodies of the drowned. You think you hear something echoing up from below... > Choice: Listen to the voices OR Refuse to listen, go on by. If players chose to listen, :roll: a Perception check. On 10 or above grant them a +2 on the next combat roll, the voices having foretold them what awaits. On 9 or below one falls into the well and must fight a Zombie or Undead Viking, suffering -2 to rolls while in the well.

  9. _Observatorium Ossuarium_ This high observatory affords an excellent vantage point over the countryside. It is built entirely of ivory bone. Should its secret be discovered, it can be used to see out of the eyes of any dead skull.

  10. _Terrorwrought Towers_ Built by slaves shackled to zombies. The desperate living labor still, goaded by the undead. Will you free them? Dare you risk the wrath of the zombies? > Choice: Sneak by OR Free the enslaved. Combat on second option.

  11. _The Skin Cellar_ Wherein scrolls are written on the skins of once thinking beings. > On a successful search (roll of 12 or above) draw a scroll Loot item or Magic ability you may use once, as though it was Loot. On 11 or below suffer loss of 1 Persona or a -3 to the next roll.

  12. _Hall of Heads_ Fine stone shelves line this hallway, both lined with severed, preserved heads. They both look and leer down upon you, as though you are the specimens on display. To your horror, one begins to speak an incantation against you... > Draw an offensive Magic ability and play it against the adventurers. Afterward, the head so speaking can be retrieved, though there is no guarantee it could be used against one's enemies.

  13. _The Bonepile_ A vast and ancient trash heap outside the city. Secrets, loot, and the occasional undead can sometimes be found amid the massive midden heaps.

  14. _The Grand Gallows_ Reserved for traitors to the realm and vile criminals, mass executions are held here, 50 men at a time. A black market of sorts has sprouted up around it, with traffic in body parts for use by wizards and the curious new breed of men calling themselves "surgeons".

  15. _The Silver Sarcophagus_ It's provenance and true age unknown, the Sarcophagus is the size of a temple. Some whisper it once held a body that would be considered giant among the giants. None know how to find entry or what is inside. > A series of explorations or knowledge checks may reveal a way to enter the Sarcophagus, or the things one may find inside.

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