The Fae Folk [The Vault #9]

The Tuatha de Dannan. Faeries. The Sidhe. The Fae take many forms and have motivations as myriad as the images in a hallway of mirrors. As Autumn deepens this November, we'll focus on these mercurial, mighty, and mythological creatures. This week we present you with twenty Titles to add personality to the Folk. 

For an unexpected twist, apply one or more of these to an existing quest you are playing but may not have written. Merely roll a d20 and apply the Title and effect to one Encounter card.  

In a coming edition of the QuestCraft video tutorials, we'll show you how to use the suggested mechanic when you are writing advanced combat encounters. 

  1. …the Mercurial (Maiden). Emotion is a powderkeg in a thunderstorm. > When encountered or on each round :roll:. On 10 or above, heals adventurers for 1 hp/Tier. On 9 or below, attacks the adventurers.
  2. …Trollkin. Don't talk about its mother. > Gains a second Surge ability in addition to their normal Surge. “Regains 3 hit points”.
  3. …BeastfriendThey know where the Wild Things are. > Immediately draw a Beast Encounter card of 1 tier below the Fae's tier level. It will fight beside the Fae. Then update the Tier value. 
  4. …the Mad. One mushroom was too many. > When encountered or on each round :roll:. On 11 or above, attacks another enemy for 1 hp/Tier. On 10 or below, attacks the adventurers as normal.
  5. …Lord of Illusions. While they live, you'll not know what to believe. > Every other round, adventurers :roll:. Whoever rolled lowest finds their ability misses one intended target (they choose which, if multiple targets were designated).
  6. …Satrap of Stone. With skin as stony as their heart...> This Fae's stony skin reduces damage from each attack by 1 point. 
  7. …Count of Curses. Spite comes naturally to some. > Each round this Fae may curse an adventurer, who suffers -3 to the next ability roll.
  8. …Nightshade Knight. Skilled with lance and limb. > Every round in which a :ranged: or :melee: ability is played, draw a random ability of that type from the deck and play it against the adventurers. 
  9. …Midwife of Murder. Some think her an incarnation of Death. > Whenever an enemy or adventurer is slain, deal 1 damage to one remaining adventurer (lowest roll or party choice). 
  10. …Childtaker. Slavers of the worst sort. > Has a stolen child they hold hostage. All rolls suffer -2 to hit. On a critical failure, the child is killed.
  11. …Formchanger. Of flesh and form most malleable... > Use the Surge ability from the Shapeshifter card in addition to the normal Surge, or add a second form this Fae takes before it may be defeated (if already a Shapeshifter). 
  12. …GravefriendIt's best friends are dead. > Draw an Undead encounter card one Tier lower than this Fae's tier and add it to combat. 
  13. …Enchanter/Enchantress. They really aren't so bad... > One the first round, the player with the highest ability roll plays their ability against the player with the lowest roll instead of the intended enemy.
  14. …Banbound. You have its kryptonite. > One of the Loot items possessed by the party can be expended to deal an additional 2 points of damage (in addition to its normal effect) against this Fae. 
  15. …Bondtaker. It can't hurt all of you. > Choose one adventurer [or highest roll]. All of its attacks deal 1 less damage against that adventurer.
  16. …Judge of Fire and Water. Here comes Hell and high water. > Any use of loot or an ability with "fire" or "water" in the name results in the adventurer using it suffering 1 damage. 
  17. …Banefoot. An enemy to all mortal life, leaving smoking ruin in the wake of each step. > Deals an extra point of damage each round.  
  18. …Hexmaker. Spinning ill fortune like some weave yarn on a loom. > Any loot gained from this encounter is cursed. It deals 1 damage OR 1 Persona loss to the user in addition to the normal effect.  
  19. …Ironfriend. Most Fae fear iron. For some, the normal rules don't apply. > Suffers 1 less damage from all :ranged: or :melee: abilities. 
  20. …Bellbreaker. With spite born of harmful harmonies, it strikes. > Any adventurer using a :music: ability suffers either a -3 to rolls or a loss of 1 Persona. 

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