Inscrutable Intentions: Fae Plots [The Vault #10]

To mortals, the motivations,  desires, goals and aspirations of the Fae are strange. At times they may even seem irrational.  The Folk are not bound by the same set of rules or necessities.  One can never quite be sure why they do what they do.  That is doubtless what makes them dangerous and alluring. 

This week we present 20 plot hooks for use with the Fae:

  1. The Wild Hunt.  The local town thrives on its market, but the Hunt has slain several merchants on the way with their wares. What are they hunting and why? The town's continued existence hinges on finding the answer. 
  2. Lovelorn Letters. One of the adventurers has attracted the affections of a Fae admirer whose attentions have proven…persistent.
  3. The Changeling. A mother begs the adventurers to recover her stolen child from the lands of Fae, but first they will have to hunt down and subdue the changeling left in the child’s place.
  4. Bacchanalian Revels. Several charming and reckless Fae have swept into town, seducing the young with indiscriminate abandon. Much destruction and heartache will result if they are allowed to continue, but anyone dealing with them will also have to face their beguiled victims too.
  5. Impersonator Prince. Members of the King’s Privy Council have become convinced that the adolescent heir has been replaced by an impostor. Are their concerns warranted, or is their story mere pretense for a hostile coup? Is it an excuse to begin war with the Fae?
  6. Amusements of Autumn. A Fae prince or princess has come of age, and the adventurers awake to find themselves amidst the Tourney and Feast.
  7. Solstice Scream. The boundaries between realms fray at the solstices. The adventurers must survive until dawn while amongst the Fae and the Dead.
  8. A Venerable Vintage. Purveyors of faery wine, each steeped in a different mortal emotion, commission the adventurers to recover several bottles of "Tainted Love", "Suicidal Despair" and "Manic Genius". The consequences, should the mood-altering draughts be consumed, range from the humorous to the disastrous.
  9. The Moonspun Mantle. The Mantle of the Faery Queen has gone missing and must be recovered, for it governs the very phases of the moon. Without it, chaos will wrack the seasons, and darkness dominate the night.
  10. Rhapsody of Riddles. Wherein a powerful trickster forces the adventurers into a battle of wits, at the price of a terrible wager. The immensely powerful Fae Lord can take or bestow things beyond the power of men to alter. In the past he has granted immortality, and taken all impulse of compassion from the heart of a king. 
  11. The Drowsing Duke. An ancient Fae duke wakes from centuries long slumber, mistaking one of the adventurers for their great grandfather. It is not immediately clear whether the ancestor was friend or foe of the Fae, or both…
  12. Glamours Galore. Adventurers must traverse the Mansion of Mirrors, contending with mind-twisting illusions and the very halls that inspired the art of M.C. Escher. 
  13. Winter’s Wassails: The Faerie vintner from plot #8 gifts the winter revels of the adventurers with his libations. Unfortunately, he didn’t warn them or their guests. Peril and hilarity ensue.
  14. Summer’s Somnolence. In the midst of drowsing summer days, a Court of the Fae seeks the diversion of entertainment. They’ve decided the adventurers will provide it, and beset them with a series of trials and tasks.  For their troubles the adventurers have been promised "rewards beyond mortal imagination"...if they survive.
  15. Seeing Double. One of the adventurers is accused of being a changeling/shapeshifter. Are they? If so, to what purpose has the original been replaced, and where are they now?
  16. The Tree of Knowledge. Someone has smuggled fruit from the Tree in Eden to the mortal realm. What could happen if it is eaten by Beasts, or planted and grown anew? What will the adventurers do if they recover a thing of such potent power?
  17. Pandora’s Peril. A certain mythical box has resurfaced, threatening disorder and discord if not dealt with wisely.
  18. Fae Justice. The Knights of Thorn and Thistle are hunting the adventurers for crimes and reasons unknown.  None of the mortal associates or authorities is brave enough to help or harbor them for long. Can the adventurers discover their transgression and make amends before being overtaken and overwhelmed?
  19. The Tree of Life. The same Fae thief from plot #16 has smuggled the fruit of Eternal life to the mortal realm. The potential consequences are even more grave than last time. What will the adventurers do?
  20. Of Courts and Jesters. Wherein a fae Court conscripts the adventurers to be their fools and jesters. Can the adventurers ingratiate themselves to their “betters” until they fall asleep, then make good their escape? Will they be so bold as to loot the Court on their way out?

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