Quest Writers: $500 Writing Contest, New Features and more!

Writers and adventure-crafters,

We have several exciting updates this week!

First off, we just announced two new ways to earn money and prizes for writing:

November Contest - $500 Grand Prize!

November is traditionally National Novel Writing Month, but why not write an interactive adventure instead? Write a 20,000 word adventure between November 1 and November 30th for a shot at $500! Click here for more information.

October - Double Loot Points for Spooky Quests!

This October, publish a Halloween-appropriate quest and earn two loot points! (Plus a bonus point if you're a first-time author!)

New Features and Fixes

Scott and I have deployed several upgrades to the Quest Creator to make your life easier, including:

  • when the app encounters an error in the quest (specifically, with {{ops}}, such as invalid syntax), it'll show you the error to help you debug it
  • streamlined example quest
  • remove line numbers from side of text editor to make the page less cluttered; add current line number and word count to bottom right
  • fix some bugs with * on round and roleplaying cards and GOTOs inside of on round
  • fix bug where multiple of the same style in a single paragraph, such as italic text italic, would mistakenly be treated as a single group (italic text italic)
  • fix bug where the text editor cursor would sometimes jump randomly (especially when searching with control + F)
  • fix bug where style detection included ops contents, so you’d get weird behavior with things like italic {{.numAdventurers()}}_
  • add several words to spellcheck dictionary that are uncommon in general English but common in roleplaying

Writing Inspiration

Looking for inspiration to get started, or take your writing to the next level? Check out the new Quest Crafter section of the Expedition website ( for weekly writing inspiration. This week's post covers 20 ideas on how to make more interesting and personal enemies - a great way to get your players more invested and spice up combat!

Adventure onwards,

Tod, Scott & Greg