Halloween & NaNoWriMo Contests: Over $500 in prizes!


With the expansion Kickstarter over 900% funded... we are rendered speechless by your enthusiasm! (If you missed it, you can pre-order it here.)

To celebrate - and thank you - for your support, we're pulling out all the stops in making sure you have awesome adventures to play.

This October: Loot points!

We're rewarding anyone who publishes a spooky or horror-themed quest using the Quest Creator in time for Halloween!

Every spooky / horror quest you publish earns you 2 Loot Points.

If you're looking for writing inspiration, quests earn 1 additional Loot Point for incorporating the theme "The Monster with the Face of Man": Sometimes the most monstrous evil hides behind the banality of the mundane.

And, if you're a first-time author, you'll earn an additional loot point!

To qualify, quests must be at least 20 minutes in length, published publicly before midnight EST on October 31st, and follow Expedition community and quality standards.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the new Quest Crafter section of the Expedition website: https://expeditiongame.com/questcrafter 

This November: $500!

We're holding a $500 quest writing contest. Yes, you read that correctly: $500!

November is traditionally National Novel Writing Month ("NaNoWriMo") - but instead of writing a novel, why not push yourself creatively and write an interactive story using the Expedition Quest Creator? This time around there are no theme constraints: write whatever story your heart desires, as long as you can fit it into the Expedition system.

To keep to the spirit of NaNoWriMo, qualifying quests must contain a minimum of 20,000 words. You cannot start writing your quest until November 1st (though you may work on an outline ahead of time), and your quests(s) must be published publicly by midnight EST on November 30th.

In preparation for this contest, we'll be releasing new tools for authors that allow you to define when quests are part of the same series - as well as upgrades for the app that will make it easier for players to discover and enjoy multi-part series. Instead of publishing your quest as a single 3+ hour adventure, you may also choose to publish it as a multi-part quest series.

At the end of November, the Expedition team will select 5 finalists and the winner will be selected by audience vote. The voting period will last two weeks after the submission deadline. At the end, whichever quest has the most votes wins! If there is a tie, the prize will be split among the winners.

September Winners

Without further ado, the winning quests and authors of September's adventure contest!

  • Best Horror: Dark Castle Vol 1 by Grayons Prettyman
  • Best Persona and Best Overall: The Girl (Z.E. #1) by Jackson Gaydon

Congratulations to Grayons and Jackson for their excellent quests!

New features

The app (v1.7.1) has gotten several upgrades, including:

  • Settings are now saved across sessions!
  • Added support for The Horror expansion, including expanded setup and combat rules and searching for / displaying Horror-enabled community quests.
  • Several improvements to the settings interface
  • Clarified that "Custom Combat" is GM Mode
  • Clarified on surge card that some UNDEAD surges apply after they're knocked out
  • Fixed several small bugs, including that some community quests' "The End" button did nothing


Also, Expedition is now on Instagram! (@ExpeditionRPG) - make sure to tag us in your Expedition photos :)

Until next month,

Todd, Scott and Greg