Four Days Remaining - And Remote Play!


With less than a week left, The Horror is over 500% funded!

More importantly, thanks to the incredible support from the community, we unlocked the Remote Play stretch goal - and we're less than $10,000 away from unlocking a really cool research & development stretch goal to explore VR and Voice Assistant versions of Expedition. If you haven't yet, make sure to check it out!

Also, we're on Product Hunt today! Product Hunt is a site that hundreds of thousands of people use to discover interesting new products. If you want to help spread the word & help us reach that stretch goal, click here to check it out!

Remote Play


Imagine if you could enjoy Expedition with your friends... even if they weren't in the same room! That's right - coming soon, you'll be able to synchronize apps with other players and go on quests, no matter the distance.

In the coming months, we'll be rolling out this functionality to beta testers. If you want to be a beta tester, email with the subject "Remote Play Beta Tester" and include if you'd like to beta test for the web app, Android or iOS.

Quest Writing Contest

In all the excitement, don't forget that we're still holding a quest writing contest! Publish a quest by September 14th at midnight EST in one of the following categories for a chance to win gold - I mean, cash:

  • Best use of Persona ($50)

  • Best Cthulhu or Horror genre story ($50)

  • Best Overall ($100)

We also have a quick, 2 minute survey here. Whether you're a veteran writer or are intimidated by the thought of writing your own quests, we'd love to get your feedback so that we can make your experience better!

New App and Quest Creator features

Somehow while running a Kickstarter, Scott and I still found time to make several exciting improvements to the app and quest creator (who needs sleep, anyway?):

App v1.6.2

  • Improved experience for going home from in the middle of a quest; now asks you "Are you sure?" in a nice, themed dialog

  • Show more details on quest search details page so that you can pick out the perfect adventure

  • Tune damage and loot

    • Slowly ramping damage if you're only down to 1 player or 1 enemy, so that infinite loops (like continuously dodging without dealing damage) don't drive the rest of the players insane

    • Providing slightly less loot for higher tier encounters

  • Numerous style improvements for splash screen, menus and search

  • Numerous small rules clarifications thanks to players' questions

  • App version now visible at the bottom of the "Tools" page

  • Engine improvements in preparation for supporting The Horror expansion

  • Fixed a bug with "Retry combat?" button where it would show up even when you won combat

Quest Creator



Until next month,

Todd, Scott & Greg