Quest Crafter Weekly: Private Publishing and More!

Hello, quest creators! We've got a few juicy updates for you this week.

If you haven't yet, make sure to check out the first expansion on Kickstarter. It's now over 300% funded and close to unlocking a game-changing stretch goal: remote play functionality built into the app!

Private Publishing

It's finally here! You can select the "Publish privately" check box when publishing in the Quest Creator and the quest will only be visible to you in the app, through the Tools > Private Quests button. This is super convenient for playtesting unfinished quests without being tethered to a laptop or desktop.


Server Upgrades

In addition to adding private publishing, we made a number of changes to our core server code. Switching our database library to Sequelize let us add a number of additional unit tests that make sure the more complex data operations (such as updating quest ratings) continue to work as we improve the rest of the system and add new features for the upcoming expansion pack.

Free content for writers

The first post of our new Quest Crafter series is now live! In it, Greg gives you 20 different ideas on how to handle the common "your party enters a tavern" situation. Check it out at

Let us know what you want to see next!

Greg Miller has been quickly ramping up as our community/content manager. He's made a quick, 2-minute survey that'll help us continue to improve your quest writing experience. Whether you've written five quests, or struggled to start your first one, your input here is incredibly valuable!


Thank you,

Todd, Scott & Greg