New Team Member & New Features

Adventurers and Adventure-Crafters,

First off, if you haven't already, make sure to check out the Kickstarter for the first expansion. It funded in just two days and is now unlocking all sorts of cool stretch goals. The top stretch goal - which we might reach with your help - is to build remote play capabilities into the app!

New Team Member

Scott and I are thrilled to announce that Expedition has hired its first employee - and from the Expedition community, no less! Greg Miller, one of our most prolific writers, is now Expedition's author community manager.


Welcome to the team, Greg!

As he gets up to speed in the next few weeks, expect more awesome content and tools for authors to make your lives easier and your quests even more awesome :)

New Features

Now that Scott and I have recovered from GenCon, we've been able to get back to coding and have added several hotly-requested features to the app:

  • Add option to retry combat if failure results in the end of the quest... you no longer need to worry about coding this into your quests - the app will automatically insert it any time your combat's on lose event goes directly to an **end** or only has a single roleplaying card before **end**.
    • Speaking of time travel, I've been playing Life Is Strange this week, which features some pretty cool time travel / checkpoint mechanics. If you're interested in more features to encourage players to go back and forth in your quests to explore different possible outcomes, let us know!
  • Add settings for timer speed and font size.
    • We now have a lot of settings in the app, so one of the next big things we're working on is the ability to save settings / have them persist across games.
  • Add confirmation dialog before leaving a quest via menu -> Home.
  • Fix several performance issues, including removing dependency on jQuery to reduce code size and memory consumption.
  • Clarify that discarding an ability when leveling up is optional.


We got a lot of fantastic feedback in person at GenCon - much of which we deployed in this week's app update. If you have other ideas / suggestions / improvements, let us know! Yes, we do read our contact form :) You can also message us with the handy little "contact us" button on the bottom right of the Quest Creator.

Until next week,