Expedition Monthly


January's been a busy month for the Expedition community! Here's the latest and greatest:


We're excited to share some great new quests that community members wrote this month (in the app -> advanced -> community quests). Make sure to check out:

  • The winners of the first ever Quest Quest
    • Bridezilla by Daniel Riddle
    • A Weird Encounter in the Dungeon by NrFive
    • Staircase Ascension by Daniel Wiktorcyzk
  • Going on a Bear Hunt - saving a village from the local wildlife... with a twist.
  • Survival - showcasing what's possible with the Expedition Quest Engine, see how long you can survive in the desert.

We also just announced the second Quest Quest. Now's the perfect time to try your hand at writing a quest and winning sweet prizes - including a signed battle axe!


The App

We've also been working hard to make the app better, including numerous new features and bugfixes:

  • Quest feedback: after completing a quest, you can now send feedback to the quest author.
  • Keep screen on: on Android and iOS, the screen will now stay on while the app is open (no more fiddling with display settings!).
  • iOS users: the iOS app is now updated to match the web + Android apps.
  • Android users: the APK is now available at expeditiongame.com/app for Android users who are unable to access the Android Marketplace.
  • Tablet users: the app UI now does a better job of supporting larger tablet screens
  • Solo players: we've updated the quest setup page to automatically display the single player rules variations when you start a quest with only one player.
  • Vibration: Added vibration on button taps to make the app more tactile. This can be disabled in settings.
  • Touch bugfix: fixed a bug where sometimes multiple touches would trigger in rapid succession, causing multiple card-swipe animations.


Amazon and App Reviews

Expedition is now available for sale on Amazon, and has apps in the Android and iOS App Stores. In each of these marketplaces, reviews have a huge impact on visibility. If you want to help the Expedition community grow, please consider leaving an honest review of your experiences to help others decide!

If you've run into bugs or defects, please contact us directly at Expedition@Fabricate.io so that we can sort out your issue as fast as possible, before leaving a permanent review.


As always, you can email us any time at Expedition@Fabricate.io.

Happy Adventuring!

Todd & Scott

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