Announcing Quest Quest 2: The Search for More Quests

"Another quest? So soon?" you ask the wise, bearded wizard.

"Indeed. The world is in need of adventure. Only through your creativity can they have fun with family and friends. Only through your storytelling can they explore fascinating and diverse worlds! Only through your..." he pauses, "Sorry, I got a bit carried away there. But, yes, we're having another quest writing contest! It'll be a bit different this time around..."

Do you:

Take up your pens and keyboards, and prepare for battle?


Get distracted by printing a free copy of Expedition?


Quest Quest 2: The Prizes!

Should you choose to accept the Quest Quest, you could win:

Two copies of Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game


A BATTLE AXE, signed by the creators of Expedition (as seen in the How To Play video)


The Categories

To win your own battle axe (or two copies of Expedition), you'll need to write an awesome adventure in one of the following categories:

  • Adventurer vs Adventurer - The Expedition system is incredibly flexible. So flexible, in fact, that not all adventurers have to cooperate. Two teams fighting each other? An evil mastermind? Secret identities and a hidden traitor? You decide!
  • Most Dynamic Quest - We've been working hard on new tools for quest writers to create complex and dynamic stories capable of being truly different each time you play, and giving your choices real consequences down the road. Showcase this ability if you want to win "Most Dynamic Quest!"
  • Crowd Favorite - Once all the submissions are in, Expedition fans will be able to vote on their favorite quest. If they love your quest the most, you'll win!

Winners will be selected by a panel of judges consisting of both new and experienced role-players. Quests must be submitted by March 31st, 2017 at midnight Eastern Standard Time to be eligible.

Ready to write a quest? Get started with the Expedition Quest Creator now! Hit a snag (or have a suggestion)? Send us an email at

To quest writers, world builders and puzzle builders everywhere.... good luck! And may the winds of fortune blow in your favor!

- The Expedition Team


The Rules

To be eligible to win, you must:

  • Publish your quest(s) using the Expedition Quest Creator ( between the dates of February 1, 2017 and March 31, 2017, midnight Eastern Standard Time.
  • Include your name and email address as part of your quest metadata before publishing.
  • Quest must have a minimum play time of at least ten (10) minutes.
  • Have your quest be selected by our panel of judges as the best quest in one of the three (3) provided categories. In the case of two or more quests equally fulfilling a category's primary, ties will be broken by the quest with the longest average play time.


Additional notes:

  • Winners will be announced on the Expedition Mailing List in April. Subscribe to be notified
  • No payment or purchase necessary to receive or claim a prize.
  • Each quest entry may be considered for all categories, but may only win one (1) category.
  • A maximum of three (3) quests will be considered from any contestant. If a contestant publishes more than that, they should email before the deadline to indicate which quest(s) they would like to submit.
  • All contestants have an equal opportunity to win, regardless of race, gender or location.
  • If a winner does not respond within seven (7) days of being selected at the email address provided in their published quest with their acceptance, they forfeit their prize and another winner will be selected.
  • As required by law, the list of contest participants and winners will be kept for a minimum of four (4) years from the date of prize redemption.
  • By entering the contest, you agree to by added to the contest mailing list (which you can unsubscribe from at any time without affecting eligibility), and that your quest, name and likeness may be used by FabricateIO for free as part of the Expedition App, and for future marketing and promotional purposes.