Quest Creator feature highlight: combat improvements

Quest Crafters,

You may have seen the new Dungeon Crawl featured quest in the updated app. It does some pretty cool new things - and we're here to show you how to utilize them in your quests!

Randomized enemies

Sometimes in a quest, it makes sense for the enemies to be random. Maybe you encounter a group of Bandit thugs, but it doesn't affect the story if they're tier 1 archers or tier 1 footpads. In cases like this, a touch of randomness can increase surprise and replayability.

You can use the following syntax to create random enemies - anything from a totally random enemy, to a random enemy of a specific class or tier, all the way to a random enemy of a specific class and tier:

- {{_.randomEnemy()}}
- {{_.randomEnemyOfTier(1)}}
- {{_.randomEnemyOfClass("Bandit")}}
- {{_.randomEnemyOfClassTier("Bandit", 1)}}

Note: you must use double quotes (not single quotes) for strings inside of ops {{}}.

Customizable combat rewards

Next up is the highly-requested ability to customize what happens on combat victories. For example, you might not want to reward players with loot and xp for a battle they shouldn't have fought. Or, maybe they're on the run and don't have time to heal (or only partially heal) after the fight.

To do this, you simply annotate the combat on win outcome. Below, you can see what it looks like to disable loot and xp rewards, to disable healing, loot and xp, and to only allow the adventurers to partially heal (+6 health). Anything you don't define defaults to the normal: heal to full health and gain loot and xp.

* on win {"loot": false, "xp": false}
* on win {"heal": 0, "loot": false, "xp": false}
* on win {"heal": 6}

Note: In cases where adventurers won't heal at the end of combat, it's nice to warn them with an instruction node before combat starts so that they can make better choices - for example: > You're on the run! You won't heal after this encounter.


If you haven't yet, consider checking out the Quest Creator docs (also available via "Help" -> QDL Guide in the Quest Creator) for these and many more powerful features to use in your next quest!

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Happy adventuring,

Todd & Scott