Expedition Monthly: March

Adventurers and role-players!

This month's update includes new quests, new features, and some quick announcements. 

Quest highlight

JanoNath published a fantastic 3 part quest - the Landfaria Chronicles. If you've been wondering what longer quests might look like in the Expedition RPG system, check it out! And many thanks to JanoNath for the amazing work and dedication in putting them together!

New features

  • Dungeon Crawl! New on the app homepage - how deep can you delve? (Quest creators - in our next email, we'll cover some of the new tools and features used to make Dungeon Crawl that are now available to you).
  • Improved loot balance: less loot is rewarded for large encounters to make loot easier to manage. Quest creators can now also set encounters to not reward loot, so that you don't draw a ton of loot after a boss fight, just to have the quest end.
  • Improved app interface on larger displays + tablets.
  • Streamlined combat flow: you can now tap 'win' and 'lose' without having to set the numbers all the way to 0 each time.


  • One month left in the Quest Quest 2! Try your hand at writing your very own quest, and have a chance to win some sweet loot!
  • Conventions: Expedition will be at UnPub in Baltimore next weekend, and at GenCon in August. If you'll be at either, drop us a line via email or Twitter so that we can meet up!
  • Game stores: If you'd like Expedition available where you live, consider approaching your local game store. Expedition was just picked up by several game store distributors, including ACD and GTS Distribution (USA), Universal Distribution (Canada), Brave New World Distribution (Europe) and Hit Point Sales (Worldwide).
  • Contributing: we've just released guides for writing quests and contributing to the source code. If you want to help make Expedition even better, check them out!


May your sword be sharp on your next adventure,

Todd & Scott