Quest Creator Weekly: New Features!

Quest Creators,

Just in time for the last week of Quest Quest 2, we have two new features! As a reminder, Quest Quest 2 ends this Friday at midnight, so make sure to publish your quests before then.

Family Friendly

Many members of the Expedition community are parents playing with their kids. For them, playing community quests has been a risk... they don't know what they're about to play, and if it'll be appropriate for their kids.

No longer! Now, creators like yourself can include "familyfriendly: true" as part of the top metadata section. With this, parents will be able to search specifically for family friendly quests (we'll be rolling out the app functionality soon; we wanted to give you some time to update your quests before rolling this out to users).

Learn more about what it takes to make a quest family friendly here.

Please use this flag considerately. Users will be able to report quests for being inappropriate. We will review each case by hand, providing meaningful feedback and a chance for the creator to fix the mistake. Consistent and purposeful violation of this flag will not be tolerated: it is important to the community and our players that Expedition be fun for adventurers of all ages. (Note that you can still publish more mature and complex quests so long as you don't set familyfriendly to true).

Counting views

We've seen many quests do interesting things with a simple idea: if you've seen a specific card before, change your choices. For example, if you're in a conversation and have already asked someone "Who are you?", no longer show that option.

We've created a new and improved way to do this that also gives you more power! With _.viewCount("cardId"), you can get the number of times the card with that specific ID has been viewed. This makes it much easier to create conversations:

_Conversation loop (#conversation)_
You prepare to ask John a question...
* {{_.viewCount("question1") == 0}} Question 1
  _Question 1 (#question1)_
  His answer
  **goto conversation**
* {{_.viewCount("question2") == 0}} Question 2
  _Question 2 (#question2)_
  His answer
  **goto conversation**
* Leave
  You leave the conversation and the loop

viewCount("cardId") also unlocks powerful new adventure and puzzle possibilities. For example, you could set up a lockpicking loop where, if the user's attempted it three times, their lockpick breaks and they are forced to try something else. Or, if they're walking through a maze and find themselves back in a place they've been before, you could subtly hint to the user "This looks familiar...". Note that you must use double quotes ("), not single quotes (') when referencing the card ID.

As always, you can learn about these and other Quest Creator features in the Quest Creator help.

We can't wait to see what you create!

Todd & Scott