Quest Creator Weekly: Improved Publishing


This week's update lays the foundation for exciting updates in the weeks to come.

What is it? A new, streamlined quest publishing system! Now, when you hit "Publish", you'll see this:


Rather than having to try and remember that it's "mintimeminutes: 20" to specify your quest run time, you now just select "20" from the dropdown. 

This lays the groundwork for the next update: allowing you to tag your quest with a genre, mood and content rating. (for example, a "Science Fiction comedy that's ages 13+"). Then, once most quests have been tagged, we'll enable users to search by genre, mood and content rating, so that they can find the perfect quest for their mood and audience!

We also added a helpful little notification to the bottom of the Quest Creator to make it easier to stay up to date on the latest version (you'll need to refresh your page to enable it):


That's all for this week - we can't wait to play the adventures you're working on for this month's Quest Writing Contest!

- Todd & Scott