Expedition Monthly: Quest Winner and New Features


Scott and I just placed the order for the second print run of Expedition - and it'll be twice the size of the original run! (2,500 copies) It's not common for a studio's first game to be successful enough for a second print run, and we couldn't have done it without your support. Expedition is here to stay and will keep growing and improving - thanks to you!

Quest Winner

May's quest-writing competition just wrapped up, and the winner is "When the King is Away" by JanoNath and Cory Smith - a fantastic adventure where you play as either a street gang or the city guard, wrecking or preventing chaos. Without a doubt, this is worth playing through twice to experience both sides of the story. Congratulations, JanoNath and Cory!

June Quest Writing Challenge

We have a new quest writing contest for the month of June! And, for those new to quest writing, we just added a chat window to the bottom right that makes it easier than ever to talk with us and get your quest-writing questions answered - check it out at Quests.ExpeditionGame.com


June's contest also has an exciting new prize option - Expedition t-shirts! If you're one of June's three winners, you'll get to choose between a copy of Expedition, a t-shirt (pick between Magic, Melee, Music or Ranged) and a dinner with us at GenCon.

June's theme: Double Billing. Mistake? Misdirection? Who's paying who.... and for what?

Write your quests and publish them by June 31st at midnight for a chance to win!

New Features

Rolling out this week to the web, Android and iOS apps:

  • Improved quest search UI to make the perfect quest easier to find, including the new ability to filter by genre and content rating (kid-friendly, teen or adult).
  • Quest ratings: for quests with enough ratings, the quest details page will now show their rating score + number of ratings.
  • Better display of network-related errors to users


Expedition is heading to GenCon on August 17-20th in Indianapolis! We'll be at booth #2962 in Entrepreneur's Avenue, and we're hosting several events. We'll also be bringing prototypes of the first Expedition expansion!


Until next month,

Todd & Scott