Quest Writing Weekly: Contest, Genres and Reviews


Four updates this week:

There's a new contest! You have until June 31st to write a quest that incorporates "double billing" to win prizes - including an Expedition shirt! Bonus points if it's in the romance, mystery or horror genre :)

Quest creator feature update: when you publish, you can now set your quest's genre and content rating (i.e. what age level it's appropriate for). Make sure to go back and update your existing quests to make them more discoverable!

The first Expedition expansion: It's launching August 17th at GenCon! In the coming month, we'll be giving you early access to the expansion so that your quests can be at the top of the list when players get their hands on it. Sneak peak: it's horror-themed, so start brainstorming those terrifying, gruesome and unsettling ideas ;)

App feature update: The app's quest search interface just got a major upgrade - users can now sort by highest reviewed, and filter by content ratings and genres.

How are quest ratings handled? As you know, players have the option to rate a quest after they play. Once a quest has received a reasonable sample of ratings, we consider it to be well-reviewed, and users will be able to see the average rating and number of ratings in the app. This prevents the Amazon "one review" effect, where a single one- or two-star review causes an otherwise good product's launch to get lost into oblivion. We're still tweaking how reviews are shown (especially after you fix a cause of negative reviews in your quest), so please let us know if there's anything we can do to make the rating system more fair.


Until next week,

Todd & Scott