Quest Creators: Free expansion beta, new features!

Quest Writers,

We brought Expedition to Origins this weekend and players love it - especially the huge variety of adventures available to them :) We're excited to grow this community together with you. Without further ado, we have some updates for you!

Expansion: Want free beta access to the new expansion? Email your address to and we'll email you the PDF!

New feature: Notes. In the bottom bar, there's a new tab called "Quest Notes" that allows you to keep track of your notes. This is great for whole-story notes (like settings and character backstories) that you could need to reference while working on any part of your quest.

New feature: Major Releases. When you publish an update to your quest, you can now set it as a "Major Release", which resets all ratings and reviews. This allows you to go back and fix major issues (or make major improvements to) a quest without having to worry about getting permanently locked into ratings for an older version.

Card Creator update: although our focus has been on improving the app and quest writing experiences, we still managed to sneak in an overhaul of the Card Creator that makes it faster and easier to use. It's still in beta, so let us know what you think!

Contest: this month's quest writing contest ends on June 31st! If you publish your quests early, that'll give you a chance to get feedback and polish your quest, increasing your chances of winning one of the three prizes :)

Until next week,

Todd and Scott