Quest Creators: Collaborative, Real-time Editing


Just a few days left in this month's writing contest! Publish a new quest by the 30th for a chance to earn adventuresome prizes!

This week, we're excited to share that collaborative, real-time editing is now ready for prime time! Just like Google Docs, you can now seamlessly share quests with friends so that you can write, edit and test quests at the same time.

To start collaborating, simply share your quest's Google Drive file with a friend using the Google Drive sharing interface and open the quest in the Quest Creator like normal (open the file in Drive and select "Open With -> Expedition Quest Creator"). Voila! As always, if you have any questions or run into any issues, you can reach us via the chat bubble at the bottom right of the screen.

Downtime transparency report: The quest creator was down this past Thursday between approximately 10am and 5pm, and for a few brief periods this weekend. We sincerely apologize for this unplanned downtime. The outage was initially due to a Heroku service outage, but our attempts to fix the issue broke other parts of our deployment process. We learned several ways that we can further improve the reliability of the Quest Creator code, including tools to roll back changes in production and a dashboard to monitor production health. We've also improved the Quest Creator error page so that you to contact us and monitor the Expedition Twitter feed in case of future errors.

Until next week,

Todd & Scott