Expedition Writing Contest: Adventures in Academia

Welcome, Adventurers!

Our past two writing contests have been nothing short of amazing. Language of Lovecraft and Secrets, Sprites, and Everything Nice have produced some phenomenal quests thanks to community participation (We'll announce the latest winner this week!) and we have more participants with each passing contest. Speaking of, we have Memorial Day weekend coming up, so we figured it'd be nice to let you know what's next for our contests in case you wanted to get those ideas rolling...

Adventures in Academia is our next contest!

Adventures in Academia Announcement.png

It seems a lot of our previous entrants are fans of the new dual-theme system, so we'll be implementing that yet again. As school is just getting out, we figured it'd be fun to design a quest around that. We want to see you publish the best quest you can in an educational institute of some variety, show off your best progression through character, mechanic, or storytelling elements, or use both if you're up for a challenge. The contest will run until June 29th at 11:50 PM (EST).

The winner of Adventures in Academia will earn 500 loot points. All entries will be rewarded with 100 points for using either theme, or 200 points upon using both.

Are you striving to write a high fantasy tale, involving a school of mages and their character development over their attendance at said school? Maybe you're being trained as a paladin, in faith and steel, to protect the lands you live in? Or perhaps you're a fledgling gladiator, fighting your way to freedom while learning some new fighting moves along the way? We can't wait to see what you come up with!

To enter, we're going to ask you to fill out this Google Form, with your name and quest title, to allow us to filter through quests easier. We're also sorry to impose a language restriction, as unfortunately, it takes too much time for us to translate foreign quests in a reasonable amount of time. We still encourage everyone, of all languages, to write and publish quests for all of our adventurers around the world. Perhaps in the future we can expand our efforts to including more languages for judging. In addition, make sure your quests are marked for your audience accordingly. Anything offensive will be taken down and the entrant disqualified.

To Participate:

  • Create your quest and upload it by June 29th, 11:59 PM (EST).
  • Fill out this Google Form, with your name and quest title.
  • Entries must be in English.

School's back in session, adventurers! Break out that parchment!

-Your Expedition Team