Expedition July 2018 Update!


Expedition has a whole slew of announcements for July, from more details about our sci-fi expansion to the launch of online multiplayer in Expedition, there'll sure to be something for everyone. We hope you're excited for the future of Expedition as much as we are!

Origins Game Fair 2018 - Recap

Last month the Expedition team (Todd, Scott, Logan, Greg, and Gabbie) were at Origins Game Fair 2018 in Columbus, Ohio! We kept ourselves busy with plenty of demos during the day, and even playtested some of the sci-fi expansion in the evening.

In addition to that, we're excited to announce that our Sci-Fi expansion is planned to come to Kickstarter this fall. There also might be a piece of art tucked away at the bottom of this newsletter.

Origins was an amazing show for us, and will be coming back in 2019. We'll be looking forward to seeing more of you next year!

The Expedition team at Origins Game Fair 2018, from left to right: Todd, Greg, Gabbie, and Scott! (Not shown: Logan, as he's taking the photo.)

Writing Contest - Adventures in Academia

A little over a month ago, we asked our quest creators to create the best contest using progression through character, mechanical, or storytelling elements, and/or have the adventure take place in an educational institute of some variety for our writing contest, Adventures in Academia.

Without further ado, we want to announce the winner of Adventures in Academia to be...The Illyrie Academy for the Arcane by Josh K

Thank you to all our participants, once again. Keep an eye on our website and social media, as we plan on announcing the next contest soon!

Adventures in Academia - The Illyrie Academy for the Arcane.png

Online Multiplayer & New Features!

We've fixed a couple of bugs, and even added some new features to the app. Which also Includes the huge announcement that Expedition's Online Multiplayer feature is live!

  • Online Multiplayer (previously "Remote Play") out of experimental! Check it out in the Tools section.
  • At the start of the combat timer, flash the class icon of one of the enemies in the fight to increase immersion.
  • Added an "official" label to official quests in search results, denoted by the Expedition icon in the top right of their result card. (*)
  • Added an "awarded" label to quests that have won a quest writing awarded, denoted by a star icon in the top right of their result card. (*)
  • Added a "requires pen & paper" field for quests to indicate if they require pen & paper, including the ability to filter search results by quests that specifically do or don't require this. (*)
  • We made a big upgrade to our underlying code libraries to keep things as fast and stable as possible (for the programmers out there, we upgraded from Material UI 0.20 to 1.0)

(*) We wanted to take a moment to make a shoutout to Eric Zittel, for all he's done for the Expedition app! If you've been using the search engine in the Expedition app or have seen the official and award-winning icons next to quests, he's the one who helped make it happen.

If you want to contribute like Eric, you can always check out our GitHub.

Discord Server Announcement!

With the recent introduction of Multiplayer in Expedition, we figured our players might want a place to meet other Expedition players and creators. Whether you're looking to game with others, talk about quest crafting, or just chat about all things Expedition, come join the Expedition RPG Discord Server!

Discord Logo.png

Don't scuttle past this part, our first baddie for Expedition's Sci-Fi expansion is ready to make his debut!

Our chief illustrator, Chris, has been drawing the Expedition art on a few livestreams over the past couple of weeks. If you're interested in seeing enemies like the Scuttler get drawn, go ahead and give him a follow on Twitch and Twitter.

Expedition Icon (Transparent).png

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