Expedition Writing Contest: Thespians and Thieves

Welcome, Adventurers!

We hope everyone has enjoyed everything Expedition has had going on, between things like the June update featuring some new art from our Sci-Fi expansion and the community-made character sheets. However, some might notice we don't have a writing contest going on in the past month! We decided to give our quest crafters a bit of a break, but we're excited to come back and talk about the next writing contest for Expedition.

Hopefully everyone's ready to write their best script, as we're ready to pull back the curtain on our next contest... Thespians and Thieves!

Expedition - Thespians and Thieves.png

Someday we won't force those awful puns, but today is not that day! Thespians and Thieves will see the return of our dual-theme system, but one might notice, this contest will take place over two months instead of the usual one. 

The themes for this contest will be bandits and drama. In other words, we want to see you publish the best quest you can using bandit enemies, a drama-filled plot, or both if you're up for a challenge. This contest will run until September 30th at 11:59 (EST). The winner of Thespians and Thieves will earn 500 loot points. All entries will be rewarded with 100 points for using either theme, or 200 points upon using both.

The term bandit can be a broad term, so take advantage of that! Maybe you want to write a story involving two powerful, rival families with star-crossed lovers that ends in tragedy? A thrilling fantasy tale, set on a continent full of family houses striving for political power and control of a throne? Or perhaps an adventure featuring a fedora-wearing archaeologist fighting against some nasty villains for a powerful artifact. Show us what you can come up with!

To enter, we're going to ask you to fill out this Google Form with your name and quest title, which will allow us to filter through quests and pick a winner. Your quest must be in English to qualify, but we do encourage quests of all languages to be made for, it just takes us too long to translate in a reasonable time to make a ruling on a winner. Finally, make sure your quests are marked for your audience accordingly, anything offensive will be taken down and the entrant disqualified.

To Participate:

  • Create your quest and upload it by September 30th, 11:59 PM (EST).
  • Fill out the Google Form with your name and quest title.
  • Entries must be in English.
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Time to write your best screenplay, adventurers. Break a leg!

-Your Expedition Team