Expedition: The Future launches on Kickstarter on October 2nd!

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Expedition: The Future | What's it about?

Expedition: The Future will feature the new skill mechanic, synth enemies, as well as tech abilities! We'll be highlighting these new cards over on our social media, found at the bottom of this newsletter, over the course of the next month. (here's the link)

'What does Tech do?' 

Tech abilities use loot to help your team and get the best of your enemies. You can also look forward to new adventurers that enable awesome synergies with the existing ability types.

'What threats do Synths pose?' 

Synth enemies are new robotic foes that can be used in a variety of settings with mechanics that center around loot and persona. Whether they're storing loot or running down your moral, these enemies will be a fearsome addition to the enemy lineup.

'This new Skill mechanic, what's so cool about it?'

Skill checks are a staple of D20 systems. Many quest writers have built their own skill systems to fill the void... but now we’re building them into the system. Players can level up and learn skills to do better at checks both in combat and in the story - or use their skills’ powerful single-use ability to get out of a tight spot.

These new cards will be sure to add a lot to your games of Expedition, so keep your eye out for the Kickstarter on October 2nd!

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Expedition: Deluxe Edition | New & Improved

We'll be offering the Deluxe Edition of Expedition alongside The Future! This will allow newcomers to jump in on Expedition to get ExpeditionExpedition: The Horror, and Expedition: The Future - including art on all base game enemies. The Deluxe Edition and The Future will also include upgraded card stock and custom-designed Expedition clips so that your new cards won't get scratched up!

'I already own Expedition, but I want the storage box and clips!'

Worry not! The larger box and custom clips will also be available as add-ons. These are just some of the things you can look forward to our Kickstarter launching on October 2nd!

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