Expedition Writing Contest: Tall Tales

Greeting adventurers!

Get ready to start spinning some stories, our next writing contest, Tall Tales, is here! This contest will rely on the enemies feature in our Of Wyrms & Giants Booster! (Which can also be found on DriveThruRPG.)

Dragons and Giants are timeless foes that go to RPGs like peanut butter does to jelly! So with the addition of this newest booster to Expedition, we were always very curious to see what our talent quest crafters would use these classic enemies for in their adventures.

Tall Tales will reward quest crafters for creating new Expedition stories utilizing the new Dragon and Giant enemies from our Of Giants & Wyrms Booster and will run until October 8th at 11:50pm EDT. All entries uploaded that utilize the new enemies will be rewarded 100 loot points, while the winner will receive 500 loot points total.

Note: Make sure you have your quest marked with the “Of Wyrms & Giants” expansion when you upload it!

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