Expedition: The Future writing quests, quest creation, and more!

Hello adventurers!

We're excited to give a first sneak peak at our next expansion, announce the winner of this month's Future-istic writing contest, and share several articles for budding quest writers to polish their craft.

Scarred Lands Expansion | Sneak Peak

Here at the Expedition HQ, we've been hard at work on our next expansion, motivated by the success of and positive feedback on The Future and Deluxe Edition. Behold, the first enemy art from the Expedition: Scarred Lands expansion, our first collaboration with the amazing Onyx Path game studio:


Writing Contest Winner | Derelict by James Bowling

We're happy to announce that Derelict by James Bowling is the winner of our Chronicles of the Cosmos contest! We loved the new use of Synth enemies and the exploration of a branching story in this adventure and would highly recommend checking it out during your next game night.


Our next writing contest will be announced on social media after GenCon, but we can give you a little hint that'll it might be centered around some giant and fiery foes that can be found in our latest booster.

The Vault | Forays into the Future

Greg is continuing the Vault and Forge series with a bunch of new articles on how to start writing your own Sci-Fi quests and adventures:


If you're eager to jump into some sci-fi adventures, Expedition: The Future and Expedition: Deluxe Edition are available for purchase in our webstore right now! Tight on cash? You can always start writing quests using our free print and play of The Future.

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-Todd, Scott, and your Expedition Team


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