Alchemies of Alteration [The Vault #11]

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The Fae are bred to magic the way fish are to water. Renowned throughout the worlds for their powers over glamour, enchantments, charms, illusions, and transmutations, they rarely traffic in more "brutish" dweomers. While they may eschew overt destruction for the skill required of subtlety, one would be ill advised to underestimate the might of their magics. 

This week we proffer 20 potent prestidigitations to pester players. Use the spells below in the place of Surges, as additional Surge powers on odd rounds, or outside of combat. Alternatively, one might use these as single-use Loot scrolls or imbued in odd items, and reward them to adventurers. For more variety roll a d20 every few rounds or non-combat interactions and apply the effect.  

* Beginning this installment we are changing how we introduce each numbered item so you can more easily cut-and-paste them into the Quest Creator.  The _underscores_ before and after denote them as their own "card"/screen.  You will still need to create a pathway to and from them.

  1. _Confusion’s Chant_ Suddenly all words seem to be only babble. > After abilities are chosen but before rolls are made to resolve them, adventurers must swap an ability from their own deck (not discard pile) and play it instead.

  2. _Memory’s Mantra_ It's worse than deja vu. > After abilities are chosen but before rolls are made to resolve them, adventurers must swap an ability from their discard pile and play it instead.

  3. _Tune of Transference_ Your aim is off. > A played ability shifts from the originally chosen target to another encounter enemy.

  4. _The Exacting Toll_ We see our own worst traits in others. > An adventurer's played ability shifts from the originally chosen target and afflicts an adventurer instead.

  5. _Thieves Cant_ Thieves aren't often seen coming. > A Loot item thought to be possessed by an adventurer is revealed to be missing (remove it). This happens only when the adventurer attempts to use it.

  6. _Embolden Ally_ Some are born leaders. > Reset the Tier count, adding 1 for every 2 enemies in play.

  7. _Channel Might_ The Lords of Fae can impart their powers to minions. > Choose a Surge ability of an Encounter card of Tier 4 and use it in place of a lower Tier card’s Surge.

  8. _Alacrity’s Call_ A spell of speed is on this one… > Surge one round earlier than normal.

  9. _Sundering Shout_ The unearthly voice splits ear and stone and bone. > Each adventurer takes 1 extra damage point.

  10. _Illusion of Control_ You get the impression you’re being toyed with. > Cancel all damage done to one Encounter Card this round.

  11. _Word of Creation_ An item of worth springs into being from nowhere. > Choose Loot items equal in Tier value to the Fae's Tier value and put them into play under it's control. It can use them against adventurers or for its own benefit.

  12. _Phantasmal Peer_ A simulacrum appears out of nowhere and strikes. > Draw a Fae Encounter card of equal Tier level to one already in play and place it into play for a single round, resetting the Tier count. After resolving damage (and surges, if applicable) for the round, discard the Phantasmal Peer.

  13. _Shadow Soul_ The Fae’s shadow separates from them and takes solid form! > Draw a Fae Encounter card of equal Tier level to one already in play and place it into play , resetting the Tier count. The drawn enemy only vanishes if it takes damage.

  14. _Statue Song_ It begins to feel like you're swimming through sludge. > Adventurers roll a :roll:. Those who fail (recommended 10 or below) become stone for a single round (and take half damage that round, but cannot play abilities or loot).

  15. _Accursed Countenance_ Among the most feared abilities of the Fae. > Roll a :roll:. A single adventurer is polymorphed into a “Beast” or “Brigand” card of Tier 2 on a roll below 10. Until the Fae are defeated, the accursed adventurer fights against the rest of the party.

  16. _Mindtrap_ Reality is not what it seems. > Roll a :roll:. On a 20 increase Persona by 1. On a 1 decrease Persona by 2. Any other roll, reduce persona by 1.

  17. _Telepathic Transference_ You know what your friends are thinking. > Two adventurers roll a :roll:. On a roll of 15 or below, they swap Persona level/status.

  18. _Skinsight_ At the touch of the Fae, you find you can see with all your skin. It is disorienting and terrifying. > -3 to all rolls, and suffer an additional -1 every time you take damage (max. -5).

  19. _Bilebight_ You can't stand the sight of your enemy. >Take 1 damage per round, as the bile bubbles up from within you. 3 rounds max.

  20. _Seduction's Song_ Your companions have gone insane, attacking innocents! > The adventurer with the lowest roll becomes convinced the others have gone crazed with bloodthirst. They must use their abilities against the other adventurers or for the Fae until the next Surge round.

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