All in the Cards...[The Forge #10]

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Hail Quest Crafters! We're tackling something completely different today--how to make your own cards in the Card Creator. It's fast, it's easy, and it lends endless variation to Expedition bounded only by your imagination. Let's get to it!

The first thing we'll do is go to the Card Creator from the webpage and also the Example Card Sheet in which we'll need to enter all our data.  As the Github guide states, copy that sheet into your Google Drive folder (File--> Make a copy).

Below we've chosen the "Loot" subsheet/tab at the bottom of the Google spreadsheet and created our custom Loot in each of the fields.

We do want to warn you that there are two scripting conventions you may have used in the Quest Creator that may cause you some problems if you use them in the Card Creator:

  1. In the Quest Creator we've used the :music: script to get a music icon to appear. Use of : in the Card Creator will cause the text afterword to be placed all in CAPS, it will NOT get us an icon. If we want the icon for music to appear in the Card Creator, we need to use a # prior to the type of icon we want. So #music gets us the desired icon in the Card Creator.

  2. If you leave an empty row between entries (ex. you delete everything in "joined chant" row in pic below), nothing beneath the empty row will appear in the Card Creator.

After we've made all our cards, we want to select the URL at the top of the page of the Google Sheet and copy it.


After we've made our Google sheet, we want to go to our browser window where we have the Card Creator opened. You'll notice at the top right-hand side of the sheet there is a drop-down menu. We want to select "Custom".  It will give us a box where we will paste the URL to our spreadsheet.  That is shown below:


Now that we've pasted our URL, we need to reload the page. If we want to narrow down our look at our created cards (say, to look only at the "Loot" sheets), we can select the card type from the drop-down menu at the top left, but we need to refresh the page from the reload button by the URL at the top left, NOT from the icon next to the ? icon on the right. 

And just like that, we have our new Loot items, the Scroll of Precision, Gauntlet of Change, and Quiver of Elemental Arrows, as you can see below...


Easy peasy, just as we promised.  It takes far less time and learning than creating a quest for the app (though we have shown a way you can quickly craft a quest in about 70 minutes, or come up with a mad-lib style plot for GM-mode [no app] in about 15 minutes). 

Now print those cards from the web with Ctrl+P or Command+P . If you're running Expedition as a GM instead of from a created quest in the app, this is a perfect way to add new enemies, abilities, and Loot.  Maybe now you'd consider crafting an adventure to share with the community!  Show off those shiny new cards!

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