Advanced Card Creation [The Forge #11]

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This week we're going to expand upon "All in the Cards" [The Forge #10], wherein we took the Card Creator out for a spin. We're going to add two capabilities to our repertoire today:

1. Adding Art to the cards.

2. Using the "Encounter" tab to custom craft your own Adventurers.

Onward with the Art!  To add an image to a card, add an "Image" column to the Encounter table.  Then use the art files in the existing Expedition database to find the piece you want.  You'll want to put the name into the column space, deleting the PNG from the name of the art.  Observe in the pic below on the final line:


And here is how it looks when the hound_of_tindalos is entered in the image column for our custom "Dragoncursed" encounter card.  Note that if you have any text in the surge column, you'll have to change the formatting or omit it.  I left a standard surge entry in place to show you that without this change to surge, text will bleed over on top of the art. 


At the present moment, it is not possible to add your own art to the repository--you are limited to what we've provided.  This is due to copyright concerns, formatting issues, etc. 

Now on to Custom Adventurers!

The Adventurer tab in the spreadsheet for Cards does not allow addition of passive abilities or changing the health track.  To do that (as we did in the Level II Adventurer cards that appeared in the Expansion Survey), you can create the adventurer under the Encounter tab.  This will allow you to enter a passive weakness or strength, increase the health bar, and even put in a Surge (not recommended, but possible). 

Here's how it looks in the spreadsheet:


And now how they look in the Card Creator:


We hope this gives you ideas for extending your fun with the game and creating new content (both cards and quests)!

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