Expedition Writing Contest: Beware the Ides of March!

Welcome, Adventurers and Authors!

We just wrapped up our last contest, Beasts and Blizzards, and its been a couple of weeks. That means its time to sharpen those tongues and plot devices, as our next contest Beware the Ides of March is here!

Et tu, brute?

Et tu, brute?

Whether its a political overthrow, manipulating or brokering peace/war between nations, or being stabbed in the back by one of your travelling companions at the end of your hard-fought adventure, intrigue and betrayal make for some captivating stories and plot twists.

Inspired by the words Julius Ceasar that he foolishly neglected, we want to see your best quest involving tales of intrigue or an element of betrayal. As you can see, we're taking a break from our dual-theme, but we'll still be rewarding participants with 100 points for entering a valid quest while the winner will be awarded 500 loot points total.

Just publish your best quest by March 31st at 11:59 PM (EST) to qualify! Your quest must be in English to qualify, but we do encourage quests of all languages to be made for, it just takes us too long to translate in a reasonable time to make a ruling on a winner. Finally, make sure your quests are marked for your audience accordingly, anything offensive will be taken down and the entrant disqualified. While we do reference some pop culture in our inspirations, make sure to not use anyone’s intellectual property other than your own!  

  To Participate:

  • Create your quest and upload it by March 31st, 11:59 PM (EST).

  • Entries must be in English.

Make sure to check out he master list of Vault and Forge entries for some blog posts that might help hone your quest crafting abilities! Keep an eye on our social media, as we'll have some posts to help our authors with any ideas throughout the next two months.


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Best of luck to you, adventurers!

-Your Expedition Team