Unseemly Urges: Undead Plots [The Vault #5]

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In our last post we unleashed the "Wrath of the Undead" with twenty twisted titles to add depth to undead antagonists, both in combat and out. This week we'll continue Halloween themes by offering plot hooks to harrow your heroes. 

  1. _The Punisher_ A powerful undead entity seeks to punish long dead enemies further, by raising them as Zombies under his control.

  2. _God's Blood_ A Vampire Lord seeks a relic reputed to hold a god's blood. The Arcane College fears it may be the key to the vampire's ascension to divinity.

  3. _Revenge and Revenants_ A wrongly accused man returns from the dead and seeks to reclaim his family's ancestral lands from his incompetent descendants. Will the heroes help or hinder him?

  4. _The Masoleum_ The Imperial Mausoleum has become overrun by a foul force. The Imperial treasures and boobytraps make the undead especially perilous, unless the heroes can turn them against the fetid hordes.

  5. _Long Live the King_ Rumor holds the King has accepted the dark gift of immortal undeath. Can he be convinced to cede the throne to an heir or will the adventurers lead an insurrection against him?

  6. _Army of Darkness_ A cabal of necromancers are raising an army of dead from the cemeteries and catacombs across the land, and now the adventurers must face the risen heroes of yore.

  7. _The Banshee_ A Banshee seeks to complete a ritual that will open a conduit to the Spirit World. She can only be harmed by those who've obtained lock of hair from her mortal remains, but graverobbing remains a capital offense.

  8. _Gang of Death_The realm's largest city has been embroiled in fighting between two rival gangs. Each has taken up the practice of raising fallen members as undead. What will happen if the hungry dead come to outnumber the living?

  9. _Peak of Darkness_ Vampires are gathering en masse beneath a volcanic peak, spared from the sun by its perpetual smoking. What knowledge can such a gathering of ancients harbor and put to nefarious use?

  10. _Overrun_ Undead have overrun the neighboring town. How long until they take the next?

The "Final Five" plot hooks take a "Mad Lib" approach to plot creation. Draw the indicated cards randomly from the game deck to create your Quest. 

  1. _Chosen One_ A group of three (draw one :Undead: Encounter Card type) believe that feasting on the flesh of one of the adventurers (mix adventurer cards and choose one at random) will give them the semblance and pleasures of life. > They deal 1 extra damage in combat against that specific adventurer, and surge in any round that the adventurer falls to 0 hp.

  2. _War_ A (Tier III :Undead: or :Horror: Encounter Card) and a (Tier IV :Undead: or :Horror: Encounter Card) war against each other. Each tries to entice the Adventurers to their side, alternating between blackmail, bribery, and threats.

  3. _Haunted_ It is revealed that one of the adventurers (mix adventurer cards and choose one at random) had a twin, separated at birth. They haunt that adventurer now as a ghost. Who killed them? Why was the twin separated? Rest will only come when the truth is revealed. Until then, sleepless nights sap the adventurer's strength (-1 to rolls, hp, or Persona per night).

  4. _DeathWard_ The demigoddess of Spring has been abducted by the Lords of Hell. Only a trip to the Underworld can free her and spare the living perpetual Winter. After many travails, the Lords will only accept an exchange of hostages from among the adventurers. One must stay behind as ransom. When the encounter with the Lords occurs, mix adventurer cards and choose one at random to determine the chosen hero.

  5. _Golems_ Setup as you would before a normal game (selecting Adventurer, Ability, and Persona cards). The adventurers awaken to find their arch-rival has bested, dismembered, and reassembled them to serve as flesh golems. Now, each one's head sits atop the body parts of their fellows (everyone pass the Persona they chose and 1 ability to the player to their left, and 2 other abilities to the player to their right). Unless and until they reconstitute their original forms, all rolls suffer -2. Each has been sent on a separate, mundane errand by the foe (fetching laundry, bringing the minions to heel, threatening the local constabulary, etc.). Roleplay the interactions. How will players and non-player characters describe and react to the new forms? To seeing their body parts used by another? Will all consent to swapping back? How will they best their rival? Questions, questions...

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