Occulted Environs [The Vault #12]

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Many a magus has theorized about the location of the Fae lands.  Some believe them to be one and the same with our own, yet out of step in time. Some believe them to be in a "parallel multiverse". Still others contend they exist only in the realm of our own imagination, but that imagination is far mightier than any of us know. 

More certain is that those hidden lands have deep perils and unknown laws. Below are twenty locales from the Fae Lands to beguile and confound adventurers. 

  1. _The Felldowns_ The very air seems thicker, sound moving sluggishly through its inky mirk. > All efforts to detect foes or items suffer a -3 to the roll. On a failure to detect foes, resolve the first round of combat without playing adventurer abilities (Loot items may still be played).

  2. _Whispering Woods_ You could swear that tree just spoke to you. > Roll a :roll: to discern the content of the whispers. On a 15 or above, an adventurer is given a premonition of the future and can choose their first ability from any in their hand before the start of the combat timer.

  3. _Huldre Home_ The forests and caves near a local mountain chain are known to be home to indescribably beautiful Fae women, and hideously deformed Fae men. > Persona checks are required in all interactions with the Huldre/Hulda, and grow more difficult with each encounter. On failures the adventurers are charmed into service by the women or terrified by the men (lose Loot or suffer -2 to rolls after being made to do hard labor or flee).

  4. _Faerie Circle_ This simple circle of stones or oddly colored grass in the middle of a forest clearing is a gateway to the realms of Fae. > Attempts to travel to or from the mortal and Fae lands gain a +3 while in the circle, but such travel can only be undertaken by one person at a time. Alternatively, with a proper offering, adventurers may summon a Fae to answer their questions on a :roll: of 10 or above. The Fae's answers may clear as mud, but that's another matter.

  5. _Copse of Candlelight_ The profusion of fireflies makes it difficult to strike a target or find one's way. > -2 to all :ranged: and :magic: abilities. -3 to any :roll: to search the area or find Loot.

  6. _Flickerwood_ So named for the pockets of flammable gas throughout. > Use of abilities with "fire" or "lightning" in the name ignite a pocket of flammable gas on rolls of 10 or less. All enemies and adventurers take 2 damage.

  7. _Hall of the Hanged_ To tunnels beneath the earth many transgressors have been taken by the Fae. Roots have grown about the necks of the condemned, slowly choking them to death. Some may yet live. > Those traversing the narrow halls must roll a :roll: to avoid being hooked by a viney noose. Those rolling below 10 suffer 1 damage and an additional point of damage if still ensnared during combat rounds.

  8. _Twilight Towers_ Built when the Fae were at the height of their power, these Axis Mundi allow transportation among the worlds. > All Loot obtained while in a Tower can be used twice while one remains in the Tower. When the Tower travels to another realm, however, all adventurers roll a :roll:. On a 10 or below one Loot item vanishes.

  9. _The Glimmerlake_ The glowing waters of Glimmerlake are renowned for their restorative powers. > Consuming or being immersed in the waters banishes minor curses, counteracts poisons, and restores 3-5 hp.

  10. _The Widow Wood_ The Lady that lives in this wood is so beauteous and Fell she has made more widows than some wars. > Male adventurers can only attempt violence against the Lady on an ability roll of 15 or above, no matter the printed risk on the Ability card.

  11. _The Somnolence Cellars_ The Fae owners of this cellar use its potent magics to lull future feasts to sleep. Several creatures may be drowsing there when you arrive... > When entering the cellars and each round an ability is used, a :roll: of 7 or less results in the subject falling asleep. An action may be spent to wake a sleeper.

  12. _Puck’s Peak/Pixie Peak/Peril’s Peak_ In turns prankish and perilous, the inhabitants of this Peak delight in changing the appearance of those transgressing their grounds. > All adventurers roll a :roll:. On a 15 or below, an illusion is placed upon the victim. The player to the victim's left chooses the nature of this illusion. It lasts until after the next combat or roleplaying encounter.

  13. _Dwarrowblight/Dwarrowdelve_ In this place, your emotions weigh you down more than the flesh. > If below base Persona, suffer a negative to all rolls equal to the number of levels below base.

  14. _The Black Bridge_ Joining the realms of the Fae to the Hells, it can only be trod by those steeped in sin. > To even attempt the journey requires three successful persona checks of 12 or above. Each failed check results in the loss of a persona point. If minimum persona is reached before three successes, the adventurer is trapped in Hell.

  15. _Ascension’s Arch_ Joining the realms of Fae and Heavens, it can only be ascended by the pure. > To even attempt the journey requires three successful persona checks of 12 or above. Each failed check results in the next roll suffering a -4. If minimum persona is reached before three successes, the adventurer is expelled and cannot ever set foot on the Arch until their death.

  16. _Queen’s Copse_ One of many places a Faerie Queen has bedded down while traveling, remnants of her power linger there still. > Those sleeping in the copse have strange and wondrous dreams and must make a :roll: of 12 or above. If they succeed, randomly draw a Loot item or Ability (which can then be used as though it was a single use item before being returned to the deck).

  17. _Tatania’s Tower_Titular demesne of the Queen herself, though seldom inhabited by the Wanderlust Woman. > Anyone using Loot or eating food in the Tower must roll a 12 or higher on a :roll:, or else they are bound within the Tower until the Queen returns to question the transgressors.

  18. _Oberon’s Overlook_ King Oberon has cast many a scrying magic from this awesome overlook. Others may find such magics enhanced here too...if they can survive the climb. > Any rituals of divination employing sight automatically succeed from the Overlook. They can provide the caster with any number of temporary benefits, from knowledge of the foes or circumstances in the next combat encounter to the next best choice when faced with a decision (essentially a "do-over").

  19. _Thistledown Trench_ Originally a deep canyon, over millenia it has been filled with the victims of the man with Thistledown hair. Jagged bones jut up from the ground like ivory caltrops. > All adventurers must roll a 9 or above on a :roll: or suffer 1 damage for each round spent crossing the trench.

  20. _Calaban’s Cavern_ Home to treacherous and savage Fae, the Caverns confound all those without deceitful natures. > Adventurers of an honest or honorable nature must roll a 10 or higer on a :roll: to avoid becoming lost. During the next combat encounter, lost adventurers cannot join the fight until 2 rounds have passed. They suffer no damage during this time.

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