Skills and Skill Checks [The Vault #13]

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In Vault Entry #8, Haunts Unhallowed, we introduced the idea of using adventurer abilities to resolve skill checks. This week we thought we'd give you 20 prescripted skill check types you can drag and drop into the Quest Creator. For GMs and authors wishing to incorporate healing checks, we provide an alternative. We also have some ideas for anyone wishing to let adventurers craft Loot items or resolve puzzles or riddles via checks (helpful when playing with young ones). 

A reminder about one way skill checks can be used.  You can tell players to add bonuses to rolls based on their Adventurer card or the number of abilities of a certain type in their hand (ex. 3 Melee abilities grants +3 to athletic rolls). For example:

Athletic Skills = Melee Abilities.
Knowledge Skills = Magic Abilities.
Perception/Stealth Skills = Ranged Abilities.
Performance Skills = Music Abilities
Social Skills = Influence Abilities.
Sanity/Will Check = current Persona.

So how do you have easily variable skill checks?  If you start with a risk (difficulty) of 7-10, add the Tier value of any active opposition to find the target number. Without further ado:

  1. _Deception_ (#Deception)You attempt to bypass the guards through guile and confidence. > A deception :Influence: :roll: of 10+Tier level convinces the guards. A failure results in combat with them.

  2. _Healing_ (#Healing) Fetch the healing kit. > A :roll: of 5+total hp below full health is required. On success, heal 1 hp for each point above the risk/difficulty.

  3. _Craft Item_ (#Craft) Using the skills you've learned you craft an item for the impending quest. > On an appropriate :roll: (ie :magic: for magic items) of 12+level of the :loot: item, you succeed in crafting it. Failure costs you 10 coins per level of the Loot, as you waste time and materials.

  4. _Climb!_ (#Climb) Scaling the cliffs/walls is the only option. > An athletics :melee: :roll: brings you triumph, but a failure results in loss of 3 hp OR :loot: worth 2 tiers.

  5. _Search Area_ (#Search)There may be a diamond in the rough here... > A search :ranged: :roll: of 15 or above yields a :loot: item equal in level to 1 for every point above 14.

  6. _Intimidation_ (#Intimidation)The threat of your anger and power may be enough to cow the foe. > An intimidation :influence: :roll: of 10+Tier value of your foe forces them to flee (can be scripted in the combat simulator).

  7. _Escape Bonds_ (#Escape) The bonds haven't been made that can hold hope. > An :athletics: :roll: of 12 or above allows you to slip free. Failure costs you 1 hp.

  8. _Pick Lock_ (#Lock)You listen closely for the satisfying click of tumblers. > A :perception: :roll: of 10+Loot Value wins you through. Failure triggers a countermeasure dipped in poison for 3 hp damage.

  9. _Disengage_ (#Disengage) This battle is not going well. It's best to live to fight another day. > A :roll: of 7+Tier Value of foes allows you to flee the fight. Failure increases damage you suffer this round by 1. (We'll show you how to script this in a future Advanced Combat Forge post).

  10. _Disarm Trap_ (#Disarm) Harm and death are imminent... > A :perception: :roll: of 7+Damage done by the trap saves you from harm. Failure results in damage taken.

  11. _Notice_ (#Notice) They thought to creep up on you. They will be the ones surprised. > A :ranged: :roll: of 15 minus the # of foes affords you an advantage. Deal +1 damage this round. Failure results in you suffering +1 damage this round.

  12. _Sneak_ (#Sneak) It's time to avoid notice. > A :melee: or :music: :roll: of 7+Tier Value of enemies allows you to bypass this fight. Failure lands you in melee.

  13. _Solve Puzzle_ (#Solve) Brute force isn't the solution to all life's problems... > On a :music: or :magic: :roll: of 10+Loot Value gained, you solve the riddle and earn a reward. Failure springs a trap!

  14. _Discern Intentions_ (#Discern) Through wisdom and experience you discern the next move of your opponent. > A :music: or :influence: :roll: above 7+Tier Value of opponents allows you to avoid some of their assault. Reduce damage by 1 this round. Failure increases damage by 1.

  15. _Tactics_ (#Tactics) You've fought their kind before, or studied how to do so. > A :roll: above 10+Tier Value of opponent let's you cancel one enemy's next Surge.

  16. _Persuasion_ (#Pers) Many a time your golden tongue has gotten you out of trouble. > A :: or :influence: :roll: of 12 or above favorably sways the individual or crowd.

  17. _Knowledge: Encounter Type_ (#Lore) Deep studies into the nature and behavior of this type of creature affords you an advantage. > On a :magic: :roll: of 7+Tier Value of the enemy, you can make one other ability type deal +1 damage to the foe for the remainder of the round.

  18. _Survival_ (#Survival) You've been trained to survive in hostile environments. > On any check to endure cold, heat, or other elements, :roll: above 7+damage that would be dealt. On a success you avoid harm. On failure take the damage.

  19. _Commerce_ (#Commerce) Your skill at trade has served you well. > On an appropriate :roll: of 10 or above you wheel and deal your way to profit equal to 10 coins for each point on the roll above 9.

  20. _Building_ (#Building) Mastery of geometry and knowledge of materials and logistics allows you to erect or analyze structures and fortify areas. > On a :melee: :roll: of 12 or above, your preparations of the battlespace delays the party taking damage until the second round.

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