The Angry Barkeep [The Vault #1]

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Welcome to The Vault! Brought to you by Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game, The Vault is a handy place to come for inspiration for your next story or quest. It starts with a prompt, and provides 20 different ways the scene could play out. Feel free to use them as inspiration for your own outcomes or, in a pinch, simply roll a d20 and pick an outcome!

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The prompt below is meant to provide a scene in your quest, warming players up for roleplaying and creating atmosphere and backstory for characters:

"Your party enters the Inn and takes a table near the roaring fire, eager to discuss the job offer you've received.

The barkeep, one Bigren the Bitter, glares as you take a seat.  He dislikes you _______________ ."

  1. …because you rebuffed his romantic overtures.

  2. …for your magnificent hair.

  3. …ever since you won his first inn during a game of dice.

  4. …because you nearly burned off his face.

  5. …for not bathing regularly.

  6. …for your religious beliefs.

  7. …because you only ever drink water.

  8. …for being an atheist.

  9. …because you don’t tip.

  10. …for destroying his parents, after he’d had them raised as zombies.

  11. …because his intended love likes you better.

  12. …for taking an interest in his maiden daughter.

  13. …due to your reputation for brawling in bars.

  14. …for out-drinking him during the Solstice Binge of 217.

  15. …for vomiting in the stew last week.

  16. …because you’re prettier than him.

  17. …ever since you saved him from a horny dragon.

  18. …since you embarrassed him in front of his cultists.

  19. …for staunchly refusing to drink his hideous attempts at home brewed beer.

  20. …because as children you put him in a sack with a porcupine.

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