The Intrepid Adventurers [The Vault #2]

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Last week we played with options for creating an interaction between the Adventurers and an angry barkeep, Bigren the Bitter.  You, oh clever quest author, have established conflict in your story and must now determine which options to give your adventurers to resolve it!  Selecting 2-3 of these allows you to create an "Action Chain" that will prompt roleplaying or a skill check (d20 roll) with a game effect (combat, Loot gain or loss, roll bonus or minus, etc.).

The * is used to begin decision scripts in the Quest Creator, and the **goto  ** creates a pathway leading to a card/screen for describing that choice's consequences.  Replace the X with the name of the card/screen once you've written it. 

"You respond to Bigren’s glare by..."

  1. * Spitting on the floor. **goto X**

  2. * Taunting him incessantly. **goto X**

  3. * Ignoring him. **goto X**

  4. * Staring at his daughter inappropriately. **goto X**

  5. * Talking about how bad this inn REALLY is. **goto X**

  6. * Tipping him generously. **goto X**

  7. * Balking at the price of food and service. **goto X**

  8. * Killing him with kindness. **goto X**

  9. * Reminding him of your exploits and superiority. **goto X**

  10. * Commissioning a passing bard to compose a work of satire about "Bigren the Bumbler". **goto X**

  11. * Entertaining the other guests with your performance skills. **goto X**

  12. * Winking at him. **goto X**

  13. * Accusing him of trying to poison you with his swill. **goto X**

  14. * Giving him cheerful pointers on how to improve his business. **goto X**

  15. * Giving him clearly disingenuous compliments. **goto X**

  16. * Laughing often and obnoxiously. **goto X**

  17. * Starting a barfight. **goto X**

  18. * Enlisting the other patrons in singing a bawdy barsong. **goto X**

  19. * Posing a riddle to him, promising "fortune and glory" if he knows the answer. **goto X**

  20. * Rearranging the furniture to "improve the Feng Shui up in here". **goto X**

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